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  2. A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities
  3. APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago Citation Styles
  4. Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information
  5. Citation Style for Information on the Census Bureau Internet Site
  6. Citing Electronic Documentation
  7. Citing Electronic Information in History Papers
  8. Citing Lexis/Nexis
  9. Citing the World Wide Web American Psychological Association and Modern Language Association Formats.
  10. CrossRef: The Central Source for Reference Linking:citation
  11. DocsCite:citation
  12. How to Cite Information From the World Wide Web
  13. IFLANET: Citation Guides for Electronic Documents
  14. Internet Citation Guides Organized by Style
  15. Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2000-2001 ed.)
  16. J. Walker's Home Page, USF Dept. of English:citation
  17. KnightCite Citation Service
  18. ONLINE! Citation Styles: Index
  19. Research and Documentation Online
  20. Son of Citation Machine
  21. The Open Citation project
  22. The University of Memphis: University Libraries - Citations


  23. Conjunctions: The Web Forum of Innovative Writing
  24. Creative Writing: Bowling Green State University: wendell mayo
  25. Inside Creative Writing:butler
  26. PIZZAZ! Creative Writing and Storytelling Ideas
  27. Tom Watson :and creative writing


  28. A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
  29. Chat Language
  30. E-mail Netiquette
  31. Email etiquette rules
  32. Lepak's Home - Guide To Email Etiquette
  33. Let's WARCHALK!:hobo language for networking
  34., The Email List Owner and Ezine Publisher Resource Network
  35. Netiquette Home Page


  36. 1996 Writer's Military Market
  37. Art of Electronic Publishing
  38. Cornered Writers - E-book Publishing, Self Publishing and Book Marketing
  39. Declaring Independance: A Guide to Creating Community-controlled Science Journals
  40. Gaining Independence:planning a non-profit electronic publishing venture
  41. ScriptFLY: Screenwriters Development & Marketplace
  42. Self-Publishing Resource with Online Instant Book Printing Pricing
  43. Sensible Solutions: Book marketing for happily published authors & publishers
  44. The Market List:
  45. Welcome to
  46. WhitePaperSource(TM) - The source for writing and marketing white papers
  47. Writers to you:free web publising


  50. Clarity:english
  51. Plain English Campaign
  52. Plain English at Work :au
  53. Plain English. Plain English Campaign's home page
  54. Plain Language Online Training
  55. Plain Language, Improving Communications from the Federal Government to the Public
  56. Plain Language
  57. PlainTrain - Plain Language Online Training


  58. AAA Style Guide
  59. APA Research Style Crib Sheet
  60. APA Style Homepage
  61. Beyond the MLA Handbook (Harnack/Kleppinger)
  62. Chicago Manual of Style
  63. Columbia Guide to Online Style
  64. Download AIP Style Manual
  65. Dr. Abel Scribe's Guide to APA, ASA, CBE, Chicago, MLA Writing and Style.
  66. Economist Style Guide
  67. Florida Institute of Technology:style guide
  68. Physical Review Style and Notation Guide
  69. UCSC Library - How To start using the APA Style Guide
  70. USGPO Style Manual


  71. A Research Guide for Students:writing
  72. A+ : Research and Writing for High School and College Students
  73. ABC's of the Writing Process
  74. APlus Research & Writing for High School and College Students Home Page
  75. About Freelance Writing
  76. Advice on Academic Writing
  77. Author Network - resources for writers
  78. Authormanianet:for aspiring writers
  79. Backspace Homepage:writing
  80. Center for Digital Storytelling
  81. Central Publications Group Toolbox Guidelines for Manuscripts:usgs
  82. Communications Guide for Researchers
  83. Critique Magazine On Writing
  84. Dan Kurland's -- Strategies for Critical Reading and Writing
  85. Dennis G. Jerz:english
  86. Dr Wicked's Writing Lab
  87. Dr. Conway:and writing, lit.
  88. Dr.Prinsky:and english
  89. EBONI Electronic Textbook Design Guidelines
  90. Eastern Michigan Writing Project
  91. Enda Tuomey's English Language Writing Website
  93. Fiction Factor - Writing Tips For All Writers
  94. Final Draft :writing resources
  95. For Authors - Where Authors Go To Improve Their Craft
  96. Gillian Roberts, Writing Lessons
  97. Gordon Thomas:and english
  98. IUB Writing Tutorial Services
  99. Infinite Ink's Finding Periodic Postings (`FAQs' & `PIPs')
  100. Issues:writing and literature
  101. John Tinkler:on writing and rhetoric
  102. Keynote Extras:howto write
  103. Language Is A Virus:english
  104. - Self Publishing - Free
  106. Moving Manchester/Mediating Marginalities - Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University UK :writers
  107. New York State Writers Institute and William Kennedy
  108. Online Writing Materials
  109. Writer's Resource Center
  110. Professor Keefer's :and writing
  111. Ramblings - A Writer's Resource
  112. Raven Chronicles: Links and Resources:nw writers
  113. Red Room, Where the Writers Are
  114. Some Do's and Dont's of Writing
  115. TallyShooter Writer's Group, Writer's assistance
  116. Teachers & Writers - WriteNet
  117. The Bad Writing Project
  118. The Eclectic Writer
  119. The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
  120. The Write Site Homepage
  121. The Writer's Complex
  122. The Writers Home
  123. University of Richmond Writer's Web
  124. WakeUpWriting
  125. Welcome to The Writer's Paradise!
  126. Welcome to
  127. William Safire's Rules: writing
  128. Write @ Writing.Com; Online Writing!
  129. Write From Home
  130. Write Habit
  131. Writer's Web
  132. Writer', A
  133. Writers Resource Centre
  134. Writers Write:resources
  135. Writers help and support in one convenient location at Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers
  136. Writers on the Net: Tutors, Classes, and Groups for Writers
  137. Writers online courses
  138. Writing Across Disciplines, English 145
  139. Writing Poetry: a Theory and Craft Resource Centre
  140. Writing and Proofing Page
  141. Writing for the Web
  142. Writing the Natural Way
  143. Writing with Writers
  144. Writing
  145. Writing
  146. canada - canadian writing resources
  147. online guide to writing in canada


  148. Advice on Writing -- Lawrence A. Crowl
  149. BROKEN WRIST PROJECT :writing
  150. Better Writing
  151. Briefing Notes and Briefing Books, A Comprehensive Guide:howto
  152. ENDINGS by Lori Handeland
  153. making a bibliography
  154. Hatch's Plot Bank
  155. Know How to Write Well
  156. MARKING GUIDE INDEX:writing
  157. Maximizing Meaning in Your Text
  158. NDLP Writer's Handbook -- Table of Contents
  159. PaperStarter:literature
  160. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
  161. Psychology with Style, A Hypertext Writing Guide
  162. Referencing Guide
  163. Research and Argument, Tools for Teachers and Students:for writing
  164. Roy Peter Clark's Twenty Writing Tools
  165. Story Starters
  166. The Writer's Block
  167. Union College Geology Department, writing tips
  168. What is an Annotated Bibliography
  169. Writer's Block - The Web Resource for Communication Professionals
  170. Writing Center Reference Materials
  171. Writing Tips Contents - WritingDEN
  172. Writing on the Wall:hadrian
  173. - Writing911's Tip Sheets


  174. CSU Writing Center
  175. Computer Writing and Research Lab:and online courses
  176. EKU Writing Center
  177. Electronic Writing Assistance for Students of the Claremont Colleges
  178. Empire State College, Writer's Complex 21st Century
  179. Garbl's Writing Center
  180. KU Writing Center
  181. National Writing Project:us
  182. Northern Nevada Writing Project
  183. Oswego High School Online Writing Guide
  184. Other Online Writing Centers and Resources
  185. Purdue's Online Writing Lab
  187. The Undergraduate Writing Center's Handout Section
  188. The Writing Center:harvard
  189. The Writing Centre - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  190. The Writing Centre:ottowa
  191. The Writing Site Home Page
  192. University College Writing Workshop
  193. University of Missouri (Columbia) Learning Center's Writing
  194. WIDE:writing in digital environments
  195. Welcome to Southern Nevada Writing Project
  196. Welcome to Vesalius College's Writing Center OnLine!
  197. Welcome to Writing@CSU: The Writing Center at Colorado State University
  198. Writing Center Home Page:wisconsin
  199. Writing Center at IU:indiana
  200. Writing Center, Gustavus Adolphus College
  201. Writing Center:nmt
  202. Writing Workshop, or something
  203. Writing at the University of Toronto
  204. iowa writing project
  205. trAce Online Writing Centre
  206. uw-madison writing center writer's handbook
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