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  10. LIT.-USA


  1. Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service
  2. Early Modern Literary Studies
  3. Interactive EMLS Home Page:early modern literature studies
  4. The Perdita Project:early modern women's manuscript collection




  6. Beat Generation Resources:lit
  7. Beyond Nancy Drew - A Guide to Girls' Literature in the Sallie Bingham Center For Women's History and Culture
  8. Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events, 1620-1920
  9. Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events: 1860-1869
  10. Great Stories, People, Books & Events in Literary History
  11. Literary History:english
  12. Literary Movements
  13. Literary Periods in English & American Literature
  14. Literature 151 Course Homepage:dada
  15. Luminarium:lit history
  16. Romantic Textualities, Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840
  17. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. 1907–21
  18. Works for Children & Adults, 1800-1872:lit
  19. medieval imaginations: literature and visual culture in the middle ages


  20. Cora Agatucci:culture, humanities and english
  21. English Literature and Religion
  22. Hope Hall for the Humanities
  23. Humanities I and II website
  24. Humanities Iowa
  25. Paul Brians:on english art love and music
  26. johnstonia: Texts for Liberal Studies:english lit


  27. Bollingen Prize for Poetry
  28. Book Prize Information
  29. BookWeb: Literary Award Winners:american booksellers assoc
  30. Hemispheres Contests:faux faulkner and hemingway imitation
  31. International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award
  32. Literary Prizes, Awards etc.
  33. Literature Awards Pulitzer Prize Nobel Prize Literature Awards
  34. Literature Awards Winners of Literature Awards
  35. Orange Prize for Fiction
  36. Sunburst Award Website:literature
  37. The Hugo Award, Science Fiction Achievement Award
  38. The Hugo Awards:sf
  39. The Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize
  40. The Lyttle Lytton Contest
  41. The Man Booker Prize
  42. The Orwell Prize for Political Writing
  43. United States Maritime Literature Awards
  44. Young Reader's Choice Award:books


  45. Alan Gullette:and english lit
  46. Anthony Hamilton Ashe:18c lit.
  47. British Studies:for english teachers in poland
  48. Catherine Decker's Homepage:on english and regency
  49. Decker's Scholarship Page:on english 18thc novels
  50. Don King's English Literature Page
  51. ENGB02Y:english literature historical survey
  53. ENTC 311:literature from britain 1890-1945
  54. Eighteenth-Century Resources
  55. Eighteenth-Century Studies
  56. Elisa Kay Sparks' Home Page:english lit
  57. Eng. 261: English Literature to 1660
  58. English 30: Introduction to Renaissance Studies
  59. English 314: British Literature from 1800
  60. English 321.040 - Medieval British Literature
  61. English 342:british lit. since 1945
  62. English Literature & Religion
  63. Fantastic Victoriana
  64. Kurt Hochenauer:english lit
  65. Lilia Melani Home Page:british novel
  66. Miall -- Romantic Travellers 2003
  67. Napoleonic Literature
  68. PVM's homepage:self society and the victorian novel/thomas hardy
  69. Records of Early English Drama (REED)
  70. Sian Echard:and english lit, arthur
  71. Steven Connor:and english literature
  72. The G. K. Chesterton Library
  73. The Imperial Archive:literature
  74. The King's Printer Project:james1
  75. The Oxford Companion to English Literature
  76. The Plays of Thomas Middleton (1580-1627)
  77. The Victorian Literary Studies Archive
  78. Turbo 215:a survey of british literature -to 1784
  79. Victorian Web Sites
  80. Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature:oxford


  81. "Great Books" from the Western Tradition
  82. 19th-century America:regional writing in the us
  83. Ancient Greek Literature In Translation
  85. Books From Scotland
  86. Canadian Literature Research Service
  87. Dr MacLachlan's Home Page :scottish literature
  88. Indian English Literature, Indian Literature in English, Indian Writing in English
  89. Irish Literary Collections
  90. Larrikin's Lair - Literature:au
  91. New Zealand Literature File - LEARN - The University of Auckland Library
  92. Perry Middlemiss:au lit
  93. SASIALIT: Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora:links
  94. STELLA - School of English & Scottish Language & Literature
  95. Scottish Readers
  96. Singaporean Literature
  97. Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
  98. The Canadian Literature Archive
  99. The Canadian Literature Centre
  100. Welcome to the Read Ireland
  101. West Indian Literature


  103. Clifton Snider homepage.html:and literary criticism
  104. Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
  105. Critical Theory
  106. Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory
  107. ENGL 1F95 Main Page:literature in english forms and approaches
  108. ENGL 4F70 Home Page:contemporary literary theory
  109. English 60A: Contemporary Critical Theory
  110. Guide to Literary and Critical Theory
  111. Illuminations:critical theory
  112. Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
  113. John Lye's Course and Source Page:and lit theory
  114. Literary Criticism Collection
  115. Mary Klages' Modern Criticial Thought
  116. Miall-Kuiken Reader Response Research Web Site:english
  117. Modern Critical Thought:lit theory
  118. Modern Literary Theory
  119. Modern critical thought
  120. NovelGuide - Novel Resource Guide and Literary Analysis
  121. On the Teaching of Literary Theory
  122. Politics and Literary Theory: Performing the Self
  123. Postmodern Thought
  124. Ransom Center:literary and cultural research
  126. Siegel Homepage:english/literary studies
  127. The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview
  128. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism
  129. ÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site


  130. A Literary History of the American West
  131. African American Literature Links, Multicultural Paths - Multicultural Pavilion
  132. African American Mystery Page
  133. Al Filreis's Home Page:us 50's et al.
  134. American Collection: literature
  135. American Literature Research Resource Guide
  136. American Literature
  137. American Transcendentalism Web:lit
  138. American Women's Dime Novels, 1870-1920
  139. Ann Woodlief's Home Page:and american lit
  140. Applit:appalachian
  141. Black Arts Movement:lit
  142. Compedit:american humor
  143. Documenting the American South: A Digitized Library of Southern Literature, Beginnings to 1920
  144. Donna M. Campbell, Department of English--Gonzaga University
  145. Donna M. Campbell, Washington State University:american literary movements
  146. ENG 3230:development of the american novel
  147. Electronic Archives Home Page:for teaching american literatures
  148. English 2327 :american lit. I
  149. English 311, American Lit II, 1820-1890
  150. Ever The Twain Shall Meet
  151. Fiction of Postmodern America: Multicultural Views
  152. H. Bruce Franklin -- Prison Writing in 20th Century America
  153. Heath Anthology of American Literature Web Site
  154. Illinois! Illinois! An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction
  155. Literary Movements in American Literature
  156. Modernism: The American Salons
  157. MountainLit - Past and present West Virginia authors and their writing
  158. North American Fiction and Film
  159. Paul P. Reuben Web Site:perspectives in american literature
  160. Project CROW: American Literature Surveys
  161. The American Literature Archive
  162. The Beat Page:lit
  163. The Borders of American Culture: Expression and Identity in the United States:engl
  164. The Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction: Mellon Foundation; University of Virginia Library
  165. The San Antonio College LitWeb American Literature Index
  166. Wayne Stein :and american, world literature
  167. Wilderness and the North American Imagination, Thomas Thurston


  168. 20th century english literature
  170. Alan Richardson:and english lit
  171. Ann Woodlief's Home Page:and english literature
  172. Bestseller Lists 1900-1995
  173. Bill McBride:and english
  174. - Research centre
  175. Brian Finney's Website:and english lit
  176. C.V. of Steven M. Lane:english prof
  177. Canary: Selected Handouts and Notes :english literature
  178. Center for Digital Storytelling
  179. Donna M. Campbell, Department of English--Gonzaga University:literature
  180. Elisa Kay Sparks' Home Page:and british/american literature
  181. English Department - Vienna University
  182. English Lit:(in tw)
  183. English Literature Distance Learning Course
  184. English Literature and French Literature and Art. Italian Poetry in Translation. By Ellen Moody
  185. Erika Cassel, Central Kitsap Junior High:language, arts lit
  186. First Lines:of books
  187. Forum for Literature and Art
  188. Gregg A. Hecimovich:and literature
  189. Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction
  190. Immanent Domain, the Warren Hedges Hopepage:english lit
  191. Jim Henry:and lit
  192. Laura Runge:and english
  193. Learn Library:english lit
  194. LitLinks
  195. Literary Locales
  196. Literature Circles Resource Center
  197. Literature Post :classic english lit
  198. Matthew G. Kirschenbaum:and literature
  199. Menu of Courses taught partly or wholly by George Dillon-U of Wa English
  200. Miall's Home Page:and english lit.
  201. Mitsuharu Matsuoka's Home Page:english/american lit.
  202. NORTON TOPICS ONLINE:english lit
  203. Opening Hooks, the hook project
  204. QMUL, School of English and Drama
  205. Reading a-z. A complete online reading program
  206. Representations of Antarctica:english
  207. Riding the Meridian -- Lit [art] ure
  208. Russ Hunt: On literary reading
  209. Similarities Between Virginia Woolf and Doris Lessing. by Lynda Scott.
  210. Steven Connor:and modern lit
  211. Steven Silver:and lit
  212. Stuart Curran's Home Page:and english lit
  214. Terry Harpold:psychological aproaches to literature
  215. The ALAN Review:of english lit
  216. The Big Read
  217. The Commonplace Book
  218. The Dudley Randall Center for Print Culture
  219. The Korean War in Literature
  220. The Literary Encyclopedia
  221. The San Antonio College LitWeb Index
  222. The Victorian Prose Archive, Alfred J. Drake
  223. To Prove a Villain - The Elizebethan Villain as Revenger
  224. Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
  225. Welcome to StoryNet:telling
  226. Welcome to
  227. eng110web:western ancient and medieval literature
  228. johnstonia:literature


  230. Introduction:postcolonial studies
  231. Postcolonial Literature in Africa
  232. Postcolonial Studies
  233. Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview
  234. Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature
  235. The Imperial Archive:literature, imperialism, postcolonialism


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