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  1. Boat Building Industry
  2. Boat plans, boat building kits for amateur boat builders
  3. Brad's Boats (Building the "Leah Gent")
  4. Build your own boat
  5. Building the Bobcat:boat
  6. Center for Wooden Boats
  7. Construindo um barco de pesca em compensado naval
  8. De Kamper Hanze Kogge uit Kampen
  9. Douglas Brooks boat builder
  10. Dove's Restoration:humber yawl
  11. Fram sailing & building pages, home building a F-39 trimaran
  12. Fritz's Boatbuilding
  13. GRAHAM RADFORD YACHT DESIGN - Stability Discussion
  14. Glenns Backyard Boat Building Page
  15. Herb's Boat Pages
  16. Human Powered Boats
  17. Introduction to How to Guides:boat maintenance
  18. Jim Rudholm's Boatbuilding Projects
  19. John Bell's Boatyard - Amateur Boatbuilding
  20. John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page
  21. Leo's Project, building TWILIGHT, a Junk Rigged 9m Sharpie Ketch
  22. Light Schooner Website
  23. Marine Survey Online:
  24. Multihull Design Considerations for Seaworthiness
  25. Nautic Aspect:special boats
  26. Palmer List of Merchant Vessels
  27. Phil's Foils:boat
  28. Richard Spelling's Boatbuilding Projects
  29. Riviera construction project:boat
  30. -- Classic and ultralight boat plans
  32. Shop and Building Tips:boat
  33. Simplicity Boats:building
  34. Spirit of Acorn:boat
  35. T2 Tanker Page
  36. Tales of a Boatbuilder Apprentice
  37. The Hovercrafters Resource
  38. The Paper Boat Page
  39. The Web Site of Ships
  40. The World Of Ferro-cement Boats
  41. Thomas Lukawski's Crabclaw Tacking Proa:boat
  42. Wood and Concrete Restoration, Preservation, and Rot Repair, products from STAR
  43. Worlds Most Radical Boat Designs
  45. bateau2:building


  46. Columbia River One Design:sailboat
  47. Mehrrumpfboote - Katamaran
  48. Mr Smith's Amazing Sailboats
  49. Naga Pelangi II the Rainbow Dragon Project:malay sailboat
  50. sailing small- sailboat restoration and repair


  51. Building a Willow Coracle - West Wales Willows
  52. Canoe Building:hawaii
  53. Coracles made by Conwy Richards Coracle Fishing Website
  54. Free Stitch and Glue Kayak Plan, Guillemot Kayaks
  55. Guillemot Home:kayak/building
  56. How to Build a Cajun Skiff or Pirogue
  57. Meitheal Mara - Researchers and Builders of the Irish Currach, Traditional Boats of Ireland.
  58. Mike's Kayak Page
  59. My Cabin Skiff:construction
  60. Ocean Kayak - built the cedar strip way (wooden sea kayak building manual)
  61. One Ocean Kayaks:building
  62. Peter Faulkner, expert in coracle and currach making
  63. Ross Leidy's Kayak Building
  64. The Coracle Maker
  65. The Stripper's Guide to Canoe-building
  66. Welcome to Coracle Craftsman
  67. Wir bauen ein One Sheet Skiff
  68. Wooden kayak designs by One Ocean Kayaks
  69. World of Coracles
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