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  1. An Introduction to Metadata
  2. Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web
  3. CONSER Program home page (Library of Congress):serials cataloging
  4. California Digital Library Archival Resource Keys
  5. Cataloger's Reference Shelf
  6. Cataloging Cheat Sheet
  7. Cataloging Internet Resources
  8. Cataloguer's Toolbox
  9. Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books: Contents
  10. Dewey Decimal Classification Home Page
  11. Do We Really Know Dewey:decimal
  12. Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Official Web Site
  13. European Commission Library Catalogue
  14. Faceted Classification - Introduction to Bliss Classification
  15. Iconclass Official Home Page, copyright KNAW:iconographic classification system
  16. Introduction to Metadata :getty
  17. LC Classification Outline: Contents
  18. Metadata.Net Home Page:links
  19. NSGIC Metadata Primer
  20. OLAC: Online AudioVisual Cataloguers
  21. Ranganathan:library
  22. Standards for Archival Description: A Handbook
  23. SuDocs Call Numbers:superintendent of documents
  24. TPOT: Cataloging of electronic resources
  25. The International Standard Book Number
  26. Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging
  27. Universal Decimal Classification


  28. A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections - National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
  29. Biblioteca Universidad Complutense de Madrid:digital collection
  30. Collections Link
  31. Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
  32. The Most of Special Collections: Home
  33. Turning the Pages:of famous books in the british library
  34. UMass Amherst W.E.B. Du Bois Library, Special Collections and University Archives Digital UMass
  35. University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries: Digital Library Collections


  36. A Simple Book Repair Manual
  37. California Preservation Clearinghouse:library
  38. Conservation OnLine:stanford
  39. Digital Imaging Tutorial- Welcome
  40. Digital Preservation Coalition
  41. Disaster Recovery for Public Records Custodians, Archives and Libraries - State Library and Archives of Florida
  42. ERPAePRINTS :digital preservation research
  43. Findings of the Illustrated Book Study:preservation
  44. Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.:preserving art
  45. Gateway to Resources and Information on Preservation
  46. Harvard University Art Museums - Straus Center:conservation
  47. Information Longevity:preserving digital information
  49. Library Binding Institute
  50. Metamorfoze:conservation of library material (dutch)
  51. Northeast Document Conservation Center
  52. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Digital and Preservation Services Outreach Center
  53. PLANETS:library
  54. Preservation Resources Home Page
  56. Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access
  57. University of Washington Conservation Lab:book
  59. ink corrosion homepage


  60. Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
  61. Brown University Library, Center for Digital Initiatives
  62. CAMiLEON Project:digital archive at leeds
  63. California Digital Library
  64. Central Scientific Agricultural Library:ru
  65. Centre for Digital Library Research
  66. CiteSeer: The NEC Research Institute Scientific Literature Digital Library
  67. Claremont Colleges Digital Library
  68. D-Lib Edu Types:digital library
  69. DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries
  70. DSpace at Cambridge:digital library
  71. Digitaale Bibliothek Amsterdam
  72. Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 2
  73. Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources
  74. Digital Library for Science, Mathematics, Science and Technology:lessons learned
  75. Digital Library of Information Science and Technology
  76. Digital libraries
  77. Digitale Bibliothek - Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum
  78. Evalued:digital libraries
  79. Inside CDL: california digital library
  80. International Children's Digital Library
  81. International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries
  82. Lehigh University Digital Library
  83. Library and Information Commission: Virtually New - Creating the Digital Collection
  84. LiveRef(sm): A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services
  85. National Science Digital Library
  86. New Zealand Digital Library
  87. Oxford Digital Library
  88. Technical Advisory Service for Images
  89. The Digital Library of the Commons
  90. UCLA Library, Digital Collections
  91. UIUC Digital Library Initiative
  92. United States Military Academy Digital Library
  93. University of Missouri Digital Library
  94. University of Tennessee: Digital Library Center
  95. University of Washington Libraries' Digital Initiatives Program
  96. Welcome to the Washington State Library Digital Best Practices
  97. World Digital Library




  99. A Librarian at Every Table
  100. Anthony Anderson:librarian
  101. Barbarian Librarian
  102. Internet Librarian International
  103. Intolerant Librarian - for librarians who have had enough
  104. LEARN Information Literacy Initiative
  105. LazyLibrary - read less. get more.
  106. Librarian Avengers
  107. Marginal Librarian
  108. Marian Dworaczek:librarian
  109. NewBreed Librarian
  110. Owen Massey:librarian
  112. Sanford Berman:librarian
  114. Teen Librarian
  115. The Blended Librarian
  116. The Laughing Librarian
  117. The Lipstick Librarian
  118. The Modified Librarian
  119. The Renegade Librarian
  120. The Researching Librarian
  121. The Shifted Librarian
  122. Uncaged Librarian
  123. Welcome to LibraryInstruction.Com
  124. Welcome to the Research Support Libraries Programme
  125. bastard librarian from hell


  127. ALA Editions - Open Stacks - Inside the Covers
  128. Clearinghouse for Library Instruction u
  129. Constructing Controlled Vocabularies
  130. Controlled Vocabulary
  131. European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation
  132. Evidence Based Librarianship
  133. GraceAnne DeCandido: Ten Graces for New Librarians
  134. Hershey Public Library Readers' Advisory Table of Contents
  135. How Libraries and Librarians Help
  136. ILLWeb Home Page:inter library loan
  137. IPL Frequently Asked Reference Questions
  138. Infolibro
  139. Infoshops:library
  140. Inspire:library connections
  141. Institute of Museum and Library Services:us
  142. Internet y Bibliotecas
  143. Librarian's Alphabet
  144. Library Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire, Etc.
  145. Library Cafes
  146. Library Cats Map
  147. Library Humour
  148. Library Resource Guide
  150. Libweb - Library WWW Servers
  151. Life Cycle Information for E-Literature.
  152. My Home Library
  153. National Library for the Blind
  154. NetLab, Lund University Libraries Development Department
  155. OCLC Home Page Style Selection Page:online computer library center
  156. Presidential Libraries Locations and Hours
  157. Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials:fl
  158. Readers' Advisory Services:city of la library
  159. Rich Site Services:for libraries
  160. Sample Library Policy Statements
  161. St. Pachomius Library
  162. Suburban Library System
  163. Technical Advisory Service for Image
  164. The Institute for the Future of the Book
  165. The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
  166. The Internet Public Library
  167. The Open Library
  168. The September Project
  169. The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk:library
  170. Typographical errors in library databases
  171. Washington Virtual Reference Project:library
  172. Welcome to the NCES Library Statistics Program:national center for education statistics (us)
  173. Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Source
  174. eLib: Electronic Libraries Programme
  175. the Open Archives initiative


  176. Finding information on your subject
  177. How Do I ? --S&E Library:search for literature
  178. How to Speak Librarianese
  179. Information Literacy Initiative
  180. LOBO2:library online basic orientation
  181. Library Instruction.Com
  182. Library Research Guide
  183. Library Research Service:us
  184. Library Skills Tutorials
  185. Online Library Learning Center
  186. QuickStudy: Library Research Guide
  187. Research Libraries Group
  188. Researchers' use of academic libraries and their services
  189. Searchpath. WMU Library Tutorial
  190. Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
  191. The Research Center:using the library
  192. rare books on the web: a brief introduction::searching for


  193. ARL Statistics and Measurement Program Home
  194. LISU - 1999 L.I.S.T. Online:library and information statistics online (uk)
  195. LibQUAL+:measuring library quality
  196. Library Performance Measurement and Quality Management System


  197. IASL: School Libraries Online
  198. Peter Milbury's School Library & School Librarian Web Pages
  199. School Libraries on the Web: A Directory
  201. The Home of School-Libraries.Org
  202. Welcome to Schools & Libraries :us schools and libraries universal service support mechanism
  203. Welcome to the K12 Library Initiative
  204. World Wide School Library - Main Index


  205. BotSpot (tm) : The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents
  206. Can't Find On Google
  207. is it
  208. M E G A - S E A R C H (Designed for Investigators)
  209. Sugarcode The Web! Search, Navigate And More...
  210. The Quality Information Checklist:for internet searching




  212. A Guide to Copyright for Music Librarians
  213. A Tool Kit of Links and Documents for Collection Development and Management Librarians
  214. All About Deselection:books in the library
  215. BCR - Library Network:bibliographical center for research
  216. BUBL Information Service Home Page
  217. Building Sustainable Collections of Free Third-Party Web Resources
  218. Digital Imaging Resource
  219. - A Gateway To A World Of Document Delivery Resources
  220. Document Imaging and Document Management by Archive Builders:library
  222. Dokumentenerschliessung und information retrieval
  223. Doug Oard:and library information technology, filtering
  224. EQUINOX: Library Performance Measurement and Quality Management System
  225. GDZ :goettinger digitalizierungszentrum
  227. Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries
  228. Institute of Museum and Library Services
  229. Is 290 Designing Library Services
  230. Just-in-Time(sm): Electronic Article Delivery Services
  232. LUII: Library User Interface Issues
  233. Libraries FAQ Home Page
  234. Library Science Jeopardy
  235. Library Technology Guides: Library Technology Guides:
  236. Library Web Manager's Reference Center (DL SunSITE)
  237. Library terms evaluated in usability tests and other studies
  238. : Resources for the Wired Librarian
  239. Lockss Web Site:lots of copies keeps stuff safe
  240. Looking for Books: A Report on Access to Research Monographs:au
  241. Managing Access to Grey Literature Collections
  242. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
  243. Onion Patch(sm): New Age Public Access Systems
  244. Open Source Software in Libraries: A Workshop
  245. Practical Tools for Electronic Records Management and Preservation:
  246. Proxy Web Servers in Libraries
  247. RCLS Internet Guides, LibraryLand
  248. RLG's Home Page:research library group
  249. Resources for Government Documents Librarians
  250. Resources of use to Government Documents Librarians
  251. SIMILE: Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in Unlike Environments
  252. Schnell - Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians
  253. Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
  254. Shelving Home Page:in the library
  255. UKOLN: UK Office for Library and Information Networking
  256. Welcome to the TEI Website:text encoding initiative
  257. - Bibliographieren im Internet
  258. making libraries more usable for everyone
  259. nestor - Kompetenznetzwerk Langzeitarchivierung
  260. reCAPTCHA:digitise books
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