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  1. Catalogo collettivo virtuale delle biblioteche di Architettura
  2. Information Architecture Resources
  3. UniversitÓ di Firenze: Biblioteca della FacoltÓ di Architettura


  4. Art Libraries Section
  5. BBC - Arts - Books
  6. Biblioteca "Luigi Chiarini">- Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
  7. Biblioteca Istituto Universitario Olandese di Storia dell'Arte
  8. Biblioteca e Raccolta Teatrale del Burcardo
  9. Bibliotheca Hertziana:art
  10. CIS - Centro per la storia delle UniversitÓ italiane
  11. FILMAKERS LIBRARY:documentary
  12. IFLA Section of Art Libraries International Directory of Art Libraries
  13. Internet Library of Early Journals
  14. Milwaukee Public Museum Library
  15. Moscow - Library for Foreign Literature
  16. Poetry in the Branches:library
  17. The Pierpont Morgan Library:art
  18. UCLA Arts Library Homepage
  19. Unions Catalogue of art books in libraries in scotland
  20. University of Toronto English Library (UTEL) Home Page


  21. Aarhus Business School Library
  22. Arbetslivsbiblioteket
  23. Biblioteca dei Dip. di Studi Politici, Scienze Sociali e Storia "G.Solari"
  24. Biblioteca unificata Architettura / Lingue / Economia
  25. Biblioteche di FacoltÓ Economia
  26. British Library of Political and Economic Science
  27. Copenhagen Business School Library
  28. Dipartimento di Economia
  29. FacoltÓ di Economia
  30. ILO Library services - Library and information services
  31. LOTWP:library of the workplace
  32. Liber8 - The Research Library of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  33. Libraries and the WTO
  34. National Diet Library:jp
  35. National Diet Library
  36. The Library at the Stockholm School of Economics
  37. World Bank & IMF Libraries


  38. Bentley Historical Library
  39. Biblioteca del Museo Storico di Trento
  40. Bibliotheca Classica Selecta
  41. Bibliothek fŘr Wi-So-Geschichte, K÷ln
  42. Osler Library of the History of Medicine
  43. The Lewis Walpole Library:18c studies, yale
  44. The Othmer Library of Chemical History


  45. Biblioteca Centrale Giuridica
  46. Biddle Law Library
  47. Bodleian Law Library - Research guides
  48. California County Law Libraries Self Help
  49. Cornell Law Library - Research Guides - U.S. Research Guides By Topic
  50. Criminology Library
  51. Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk
  52. FLARE:foreign law research in uk libraries
  53. Hastings College of the Law Library
  54. Inner Temple Library:law
  55. InterNet Bankruptcy Library
  56. LLRX -- Law Library Resource Xchange
  57. La BibliothŔque juridique virtuelle : BJV
  58. Law Library Home Page:adelaide
  59. Law Library for San Bernardino County
  60. Law Library of Congress Home Page
  61. Law Library:cape town
  62. List of UK law schools and law libraries
  63. Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library
  64. Manchester Law Library:uk
  65. Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries
  66. Max-Planck-Institut fŘr europ. Rechtsgeschichte DIGITAL LIBRARY
  67. Montana State Law Library
  68. Nathan & Henry B. Cleaves Law Library:maine
  69. Paul L. Boley Law Library
  70. Peace Palace Library, home of International Law
  71. Public Libraries Toolkit:law
  72. Rutgers School of Law - Newark - Law Library
  73. San Francisco Law Library
  74. San Mateo County Law Library Home
  75. Santa Clara County Law Library website:cal
  76. Social Law Library Massachusetts
  77. Stark County Law Library, Canton, OH
  78. THE BAR COUNCIL - Welcome to the Law Library:ie
  79. THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
  80. The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School : Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
  81. The Bounds Law Library at the University of Alabama School of Law
  82. The EServer: Accessible Online Publishing
  83. The Law Library at Colorado Law
  84. The University of Oklahoma Law Center
  85. Thurgood Marshall Law Library
  86. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
  87. University of Waikato Law Library
  88. Washington State Courts: State Law Library
  89. Welcome to the Riverside County Law Library


  90. Anne Potter Wilson Music Library
  91. Cornell Music Library Homepage
  92. Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo
  93. Eyeneer Music Archives
  94. Indiana University Music Library VARIATIONS home page
  95. Llibreria Catal˛nia
  96. Loeb Music Library - Harvard
  97. Music Library of Greece
  98. Music Library of Sweden, Digital library
  99. Statens musikbibliotek
  100. The Mills Music Library Special Collections
  101. The Music Library of Sweden
  102. The Wagner Library


  103. ATHENA:ancient texts
  104. Ancient Library:classics
  105. Classic Book Library - Online eBooks
  106. Free Classic Literature
  107. Literature Post - Classic books online
  108. Rare Book Room
  109. Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the American Library Association
  110. Rare Books and Special Collections:usc
  111. Ria Press Classic Books
  112. The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations
  113. The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature
  114. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto


  115. A Collection of Great Literature Online
  116. Budapest Open Access Initiative:scholarly literature
  117. Electronic Archives for Teaching American Literatures
  118. Electronic Literature Directory
  119. European Literature - Electronic Texts
  120. Internet Sites for Choice Magazine :electronic literature
  121. Literature Collection
  122. Literature Project Home Page:online
  123. Online Literature Library
  124. Online Literature Library
  125. Read Books Online Free -
  126. The Literature Network: Online literature for the student, educator, and enthusiast.
  127. The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature


  128. 'Education-line' data base of 'grey' electronic texts in education
  129. 19CWWW Etext Library: Frances E.W. Harper
  130. Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
  131. Athelstane E-Texts:public-domain books
  133. Baen Free Library:english
  134. Banned Books Week, Free People Read Freely
  135. Banned Books, A Pathfinder
  136. BiblioBytes:online books
  137. Bibliotheken, BŘcher und Berichte
  138. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things:online reading
  139. BookHive
  140. Books Online, NO US ACCESS
  141. BooksBTC - Free Books Online
  143. Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
  144. Children's Books Online
  145. Contents: WWW-VL-Theatre and Drama
  146. De Akademische Boekengids
  147. DigitalBookIndex
  148. Digitalization of Old Books and Documents in Jangseogak Library
  149. Directory of FREE Online Books and FREE eBooks
  150. FictionPress.Com:online
  151. Free electronic books to read online: Home
  153. - Thousands of Full-Text Free Books
  154. GASLIGHT electronic text and discussion site
  155. Great Books Index
  156. Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Homepage
  157. Home Page - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
  158. Humanities Text Initiative
  159. Hypertextbook
  160. Hypertexts:u-virginia
  161. IPL Online Texts Collection
  162. Index Librorum Liberorum
  163. Internet Book List
  164. Leeds Electronic Text Centre
  165. Library Electronic Text Resource Service :english
  166. List of Books in Public Bookshelf
  167. Malaspina Great Books Home Page
  168. Mid-Illinois Talking Books Center
  169. Montclair Electronic Text Archive and Inferno Grid at the Sprague Library of Montclair State University
  170. My Bookshelf:and links
  171. MyiLibrary:books
  172. NameBase Book Index
  174. Online Books, Poems, Short Stories
  175. Overbooked:lit
  176. Oxford Reference Online:books
  177. Page By Page Books.
  178. Princeton University Press Books Online
  179. Project Gutenberg
  180. Read book online
  181. Reading Frenzy ~ An Independent Press Emporium:online reading
  182. Renascence Editions
  183. Repositories of Primary Sources
  184. Scottish Books Exchange:library
  185. Seattle Public Library - Washington Talking Book and Braille Library
  186. Spineless Books
  187. Textbook Revolution
  188. The ETEXT Archives
  189. The Forbidden Library, Banned and Challenged Books
  190. The Mad Cybrarian's Library at TortiseShell Cottage :e-texts
  191. The Monster Librarian:books
  192. The New Bartleby: A National Digital Library.
  193. The On-Line Books Page
  194. The Online Books Page
  195. The Online Reading Club:(from de)
  196. The Questia Online Library:books
  197. The Reader's Corner:online
  198. WOWIO, Free Books
  199. Welcome to Web Book Publications
  200. Welcome to the Library Electronic Text Resource Service
  201. Welcome to the Oxford Text Archive
  202. Wise Writings Dot Com...Free on-line bookstore
  203. Yggdrasil University:texts
  204. britain in print :books
  205. dawsonera : ebooks
  206. eBooks@Adelaide
  207. eScholarship Editions
  208. elimae:online lit
  209. - Free eBooks for your PDA, iPod, or eBook Reader




  212. 451 F: a resource from maricopa
  213. Asienhaus Essen:library
  214. Biblioteka Polska w Montrealu
  215. Chawton House Library and Study Centre
  216. Christian Classics Ethereal Library
  217. Combined Arms Research Library:us
  218. Combined Arms Research Library
  219. Comics Research Libraries as of July 1993: Introduction
  220. Dipartimento di Lingue Universita' di Parma - DIGITAL LIBRARY
  221. Dipartimento di Politica Istituzioni e Storia
  222. Encyclopedia of the Self and Self-Knowledge:and literature
  223. Evangelische Fernbibliothek
  224. Genealogy Libraries in the U.S.
  225. Humanity Libraries Web Site
  226. James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library
  227. Japanese Librarianship Resources
  228. Kalmbach Memorial Library:railroad
  229. Katholische Oeffentliche Buecherei Erbach
  230. Library Index:law, medical, academic
  231. Library of American Broadcasting
  232. Marx Memorial Library
  233. Military Education Research Library Network
  234. National Library for the Blind
  235. PhotoGraphic Libraries. Education resource.
  236. Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
  237. Princeton University Department of Philosophy - Marx Hall
  238. Publication of Archival Library & Museum Materials
  239. See YA Around:library for teens
  240. Social Science and Government Data Library:us
  241. Sonoma County Wine Library
  243. The Air Affair Library
  244. The Crime Library:us
  245. The Fawcett Library The National Library of Women :us
  246. The John Henrik Clarke Africana Library
  247. The Libraries at Mystic Seaport Museum, G. W. Blunt White, Daniel S. Gregory
  248. The Library and Museum of Freemasonry
  249. The National Transportation Library
  250. Tuepflis Global Village Library
  251. Vrouwenbibliotheek Savante
  252. Women's Library
  253. vrouwenbibliotheek


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