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  4. GRAIN
  6. YEAST


  1. AIMS: Arabidopsis Information Management System
  2. Arabidopsis Links
  3. Arabidpsis Information Resource
  4. CBC: Arabidopsis cDNA Sequence Analysis Project
  5. LEHLE SEEDS Home Page:arabidopsis
  6. Multinational Coordinated Arabidopsis Thaliana Genome Research Project
  7. NSF 2010: Functional Genomics of Arabidopsis P450s
  8. Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC)
  9. The Arabidopsis Information Resource
  10. The FST Project:flanking sequence tags for arabidopsis
  11. University of Wisconsin - Biotechnology Center:knock-out arabidopsis genes
  12. genomic arabidopsis resource network, UK service providers for functional genomics tools.


  13. Aspergillus:fungus
  14. Forsburg Lab pombe Pages:mycology and genetics
  15. Fungal Bioinformatics
  16. Fungal Genetics Stock Center
  17. Fungal Genome Resource, University of Georgia
  18. Fungal Genomic Cosmid and cDNA Sequencing
  19. MIPS German Sequencing Project: Neurospora crassa
  20. Rhizobium etli genome project.
  21. Sinorhizobium meliloti :genome
  22. Welcome to aspergillus-genomics


  23. Bean Genes Homepage
  24. CBC: Corn (Maize) Sequence Analysis Project
  25. Germplasm Enhancement of Maize
  26. Grain Legume Genetics and Physiology Research
  27. GrainGenes: A Database for Small Grains and Sugarcane
  28. GrainGenes
  29. Japan Rice Genome Research Program
  30. Korea Rice Genome Database
  31. Maize Genetics COOP Stock Center's Home Page
  32. Maize Genome Analysis
  33. Maize Genome Database World Wide Web Server
  34. Maize Mapping Project:gene
  35. P. Stephen Baenziger's Small Grains Breeding Home Page
  36. Rice: Resources for Rice Community:genomics
  37. Rice:genome
  38. RiceGAAS: Rice Genome Automated Annotation System
  39. The MSU Barley Server:gene
  40. UK CropNet - The UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network
  42. Wheat Genetics Resource Center
  43. ZmDB: Maize Genome Database


  44. Candida Glabrata
  45. Chlamydomonas Genetics Center
  46. Cotton DB -- USDA Cotton Database
  47. CottonGenomeCenter
  48. Département de Génétique et d'Amélioration des Plantes de l'INRA
  49. FDA/CFSAN Guidance for Industry: Use of Antibiotic Resistance Marker Genes in Transgenic Plants
  50. FRISTENSKY LAB:and plant genetics
  51. Functional Genomics of Plant Phosphorylation
  52. Gabriele Bucci's Home Page :genetics of the norway spruce
  53. Genetic Resource Center:rice
  54. Genetic Resources Conservation Program:and citrus
  55. Genome Prairie HOME
  56. Gramene: a resource for comparative grass genomics
  57. Génoplante-Info
  58. Happy Mapping: Home Page:and cryptosporidium
  59. Institute of Forest Genetics Dendrome Project
  60. International Grape Genomics Program
  61. International Grass Genome Intitiative
  62. International Plant Genetic Resources
  63. NGB - the Nordic Gene Bank: a Plant Genetic Resources centre
  64. NRSP-6 - United States Potato Genebank
  65. North American Alflafa Improvement Conference
  66. North American Barley Genome Mapping Project Main Page
  67. PLSC 731 - Plant Molecular Genetics
  68. Pecan Breeding & Genetics Program
  69. Plant Biotechnology - the Ralf Reski Pages - the Freiburg Moss Team:gene
  70. Plant Genome Data and Information Center
  71. Plant Transposon Lab
  72. Plant genome databases menu
  73. PlantsP: Functional Genomics of Plant Phosphorylation
  74. REFORGEN:forest genetics
  75. Repository Home Pages National Plant Germplasm System
  76. Salinity Tolerance Engineering:genetic
  77. Solanaceae Genomics Network
  78. The Antirrhinum Data Base:snapdragon genetics
  79. The North American Barley Genome Mapping Project In Canada
  80. The SolGenes Webserver:solanaceae
  81. The TIGR Potato Genome Project
  82. Tomato Genetics Resource Center
  83. Tree Genetic Engineering Research Cooperative-Oregon State University
  84. Tsukuba CSM Lab Home Page :cellular slime mold cdna
  85. UK Plant Genetic Resources Group
  86. Xylella fastidiosa Genome Project:bacterium


  87. Candida albicans information
  88. Chlamydomonas Internet Resources
  89. Deletion Project Home Page:saccharomyces
  90. ECDC homepage :e. coli
  91. EcoGene Home Page:e coli
  92. Gottschling Lab :saccharomyces
  93. Herskowitz Lab:saccharomyces
  94. MIPS - Saccharomyces cerevisiae - The Yeast Genome
  95. NIH Campus Yeast Interest Group Home Page
  96. PombeWeb
  97. Saccharomyces Genome Database
  98. The Boeke Lab - The Met15 Resource:yeast
  99. The E. coli Index
  100. The Forsburg Lab Home Pages:pombe yeast
  101. The TIGR Trichomonas vaginalis Genome Project
  103. Transport Proteins in Escherichia coli K12
  105. Yeast Genetics Lecture Notes
  106. Yeast Transformation Tutorial:experimental principles in molecular biology
  107. the dictyostelium genome sequencing project at baylor college of medicine
  108. yMGV: helping biologists with yeast microarray data mining
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