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  1. A Xenopus laevis database :and genes
  2. ANEX - Laboratory Animal Data Base (English)
  3. Animal Genome Database in JAPAN
  4. Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL)
  5. As-Genes:ascisdian
  6. Australian Sheep Gene Mapping Web Site
  7. Canine Research Page:gene
  8. Cattle Cytogenetic Map Image
  9. Centre for Animal Biotechnology - University of Melbourne:sheep genetics
  10. Danish Budgerigar Genome Project
  11. Dog Genome Project
  12. Dog genetics and whole genome mapping
  13. Globin Gene Server home page
  14. Horse Genetics
  15. Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC)
  16. Livestock Genome Mapping Programmes
  17. MAGEST top page:maboya gene expression
  18. MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit
  19. MSU Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Canine Genetics
  20. NIH Rat Genomics and Genetics
  21. Neurogenetics at UT Health Science Center
  22. Neurogenetics at UT Memphis
  23. Neurogenetik-Skriptum Inhaltsverzeichnis
  24. Parasite Genome Internet Resources
  25. Project Silver Home Page:ape genome
  26. Rat Genome Resources Page
  27. Rat Genome Sequencing Consortium assembles rat genome
  28. Sea Urchin Genome Project Home
  29. Sorex araneus database: shrew genome
  30. The Genetics of Colour in the Budgerigar and other Parrots
  31. The US Poultry Genome Project Website
  32. Veterinary Genetics Lab
  33. WAU - Animal Breeding & Genetics group:wageningen


  34. Bio 185L Experiments in Development and Molecular Genetics
  35. Davidson Development lab:gene
  36. Developmental Genome Anatomy Project:human
  37. Mitosis and Cytokinesis Lab:hs
  38. Skarnes Lab Gene Traps:in mouse embryonic stem cells
  39. The homeobox page:genes
  40. Wnt genes:and embryogenesis


  41. Berkeley Drosophila Group
  42. Drosophila Genome Project
  43. FlyView Home:drosophila genetics
  44. FlyView:drosophila genes
  45. Flytrap lines:drosophila brain genes
  46. Lucchesi Lab Research Interests:gene regulation in drosophila
  47. The GIFTS biological server on interactions and networks home page:gene drosophila et al.
  48. The Interactive Fly: A cyberspace guide to Drosophila development:gene
  49. Welcome to Flytrap


  50. Caenorhabditis Genetics Center Home Page
  51. Caenorhabditis Genetics
  52. Genome Sciences Centre - C. elegans Resources
  53. Riddle Lab Home Page:elegans
  54. The Blaxter nematode Lab at ICAPB:nematode genetics
  55. Wadsworth's Wonderful Worms:elegans
  56. elegansNet: Organism Bioinformatics & Research Menu Hubsite


  57. FUGU Genome Project
  58. HGMP Resource Centre FUGU Project:fish genetics
  59. Medakafish Home Page:gene
  60. Stanford Zebrafish Genome Project
  61. The Children's Hospital Zebrafish Genome Initiative
  62. The Zebrafish Server: and genetics
  63. Tübingen Map of the Zebrafish Genome
  64. Wanda: A database of duplicated genes in fish
  65. WashU-Zebrafish Genome Resources Project


  66. Biobase / Julio Celis Database :Danish human genome research
  67. Center for Human Genome Studies Home Page
  68. Cooperative Human Linkage Center
  69. DBTSS: DataBase of human Transcriptional Start Sites and full-length cDNAs
  70. Database of Human Disease Causing Gene Homologues in Dictyostelium Discoideum
  71. Eccles Institute of Human Genetics
  72. Education and Genetics: Human Genome Project Information
  73. Environmental Genome Project Home Page:of humans
  74. Eugenics Archive
  75. GenLink: A human genetics resource
  76. Genomes Guide: Homo sapiens
  77. German Human Genome Project
  78. Guidelines for Human Gene Nomenclature (1997)
  79. HORDE: The Human Olfactory Receptor Data Exploratorium
  80. HUMAN GENETICS Home Page
  81. HapMap Homepage:human genome
  82. How much of the human genome has been sequenced?
  83. Human Genetics References
  84. Human Genome Center Home Page:jp
  85. Human Genome Project Information
  86. Human Genome Working Draft:ucsc
  87. JSNP: a database of common gene variations in the Japanese population
  88. MITOMAP: A human mitochondrial genome database
  89. NHGRI: DIR Research Projects:national human genome research institute (us)
  90. National Human Genome Research Institute :us
  91. Neal's DNA Mutation Site:human
  92. OMIM Home Page -- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
  93. Reading the Human Map - Human Genome Project
  94. Receptome:human
  95. Resource Centre of the German Human Genome Project
  96. Stanford Human Genome Center
  97. The Gene Resource Locator: gene locus maps for transcriptome analysis:human
  98. The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO)
  99. The Human Genome Project at UC Santa Cruz
  100. The Human Genome
  101. The University of Oklahoma's Advanced Center for Genome Technology:chomosome 22
  102. The WayStation:human genetic variations
  103. UK MRC HGMP-RC:human genome mapping project
  104. UMR 6061 Genetique et Developpement:human
  105. Welcome to Baylor HGSC:human genome sequencing center
  106. Whole Genome Human/Mouse Homology
  107. center for genomics and human genetics


  111. CHROMOSOME 16 - Center for Human Genome Studies, Los Alamos
  112. Chromosome 21 Project
  113. Chromosome 9 Home Page
  114. Chromosome 9 Resource
  115. The Chromosome 7 Annotation Project
  116. The Chromosome 7 Project
  117. The Human Chromosome 1 Home Page
  118. The San Antonio Genome Center:chromosome 3
  119. The Sanger Centre : Human Chromosome 22 Home
  120. University of Washington Genome Center :chromosome 7
  121. X chromosome mapping project
  122. chromosome 01


  123. An Anopheles Database:genetics
  124. Cockroach genetics.html
  125. Honeybee EST Project
  126. Programs in Insect Molecular Genetics
  127. The Mosquito Genomics WWW Server
  128. Tribolium Home Page:genetics


  129. A Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
  130. Asthma Gene Database
  131. Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology:and much more
  132. CGAP Home Page:cancer genome anatomy project
  133. Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
  134. Cancer Research Center DNA Sequencing Facility
  135. Center for Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis and Other Genetic Diseases
  136. Donald Fodsdyke:and biomedical problems-gene
  137. Epidemiological Study on the Genetics and Environment of Asthma, bronchial hyperresponsivness and atopy
  138. GeneCards: human genes, proteins and diseases (Weizmann)
  139. GeneClinics: Find a Disease
  140. Genes and disease
  141. Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease
  142. HOPGENE:cardiopulmunary disease
  143. Mid-Atlantic Cancer Genetics Network
  144. Sheffield University VWF Homepage:von willebrand factor gene
  145. The Cancer Center at Washington University (St. Louis) - ES Core:embryonic stem cell core
  146. The MORGAM Project:genes and cardiovascular disease
  147. c-Myc Cancer Gene
  148. diseases


  149. Alport Syndrome Home Page:clinical genetics
  150. CAMB, Gene Therapy program
  151. Center for Biosecurity
  152. Chemistry of the cell and genetics:human genetics
  153. Clinical Genetics, a Self-Study Guide for Health Care Prfessionals
  154. Clinical Genetics Site
  155. Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
  157. Gene Ontology Consortium
  158. Gene expression in tooth
  159. GeneSage:genetic womens health
  160. Genethon, Gene Therapies research and applications center
  161. Genetic Disorders And Birth Defects Sri Lanka Collection:human
  162. Genetic Health
  163. Genomics and World Health
  164. Gentherapie und Immuntherapie
  165. Généthon, Centre de recherche et d'applications sur les thérapies géniques
  166. Human Genome Project: Ethical, Legal, & Social Issues:forensics
  167. Humanization bY Design:of the immune system (gene)
  168. ImMunoGeneTics information system Home page
  169. Innate Immunity
  170. Laboratory of Immunogenetics @UIUC
  171. Leiden Muscular Dystrophy pages:and genetics
  172. Medical Genetics
  173. Medical Genetics
  174. Medical Genetics
  175. Mitotyping Technologies, LLC:dna forensics
  176. Mountain States Genetics Network:medical
  177. Ovarian Kaleidoscope Database
  178. Pathogen Genomics, Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  179. Primary Care for Patients with Genetics Problems
  180. RIDOM 2: Ribosomal Differentiation of Medical Microorganisms (Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Fungi)
  181. Rainbows Down Under - A Trisomy 18 & 13 Resource:genetic disorder
  182. Recombinant Antibody Page by Stefan Dübel
  183. SMI Research Projects:stanford medical informatics
  184. STRBase:short tandem repeat dna to human identity testing
  185. Skeletal Gene Database
  186. The Genetic Epidemiology Research Group
  187. The Greek System for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance
  188. The Symphony of Life: Genetics & Medicine
  189. The UK Biobank:genes, environment, health
  190. The human (PEDB) and mouse (mPEDB) Prostate Expression Databases
  191. University of California San Diego (UCSD): Biochemical medical genetics
  192. p53 Story:gene


  193. Bovine and Mouse on Human Comparative Maps
  194. GENSAT Project at Rockefeller University:mouse brain genes
  195. Gene Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
  196. Gene Expression Information Resource Project:mouse
  197. International Mouse Strain Resources
  198. Laboratory of Genetics,NIA/NIH Mouse Genomics Home Page
  199. MGI Home Page:mouse genome informatics
  200. Mouse Encyclopedia:gene
  201. Mouse and Medaka Genome Project
  203. The Jackson Laboratory:and mouse genetics
  204. The Mouse Anatomical Dictionary Browser:gene
  205. The Mouse Brain Library and Atlas
  206. The Mouse Brain Library
  207. The Seldin/Debry Human/Mouse Homology Map
  208. The Whole Mouse Catalog
  209. The immunoglobulin k genes and the k locus of the mouse
  210. UK Mouse Genome Centre
  211. WICGR Mouse RH Map Home Page
  212. Whole Mouse Catalog


  213. Pigmap (Iowa)
  214. U.S. Pig Genome Mapping Site
  215. Welcome to ANGENMAP Web Site!:pig genemap


  216. A Practical Guide to Containment - Greenhouse Research with Transgenic Plants and Animals
  217. About_TGA:transgenic animal model core
  218. Caltech Genome Research Laboratory -- Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes
  219. Cytogenetics
  220. Nagy Lab:transgenic
  221. TRANSGEN | Transparenz für Gentechnik bei Lebensmitteln
  222. The Regulation of Transgenic Arthropods--Contents
  223. Welcome to the BigBlue Web site:transgenic mouse
  224. What is a Transgenic Mouse?
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