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  1. Beyond the Book
  2. Comics in Education
  3. Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning - Emerging Technologies for Learning
  4. Learning by Cartooning
  5. National Association of Comics Art Educators - Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom
  6. TextbookRevolution
  7. Textbooks in the Kaleidoscope


  8. Collaborative science projects:k12
  9. College Level One - Collaborative Learning Page
  10. Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
  11. Cooperative Learning Center
  12. Creating Learning Communities
  13. Dragonfly:young-old(experienced) science cooperation
  14. Global Grocery List Project
  15. Global Virtual Classroom
  16. MIRACLE - Making Institutional Repositories A Collaborative Learning Environment
  17. NickNacks Telecollaborate
  18. November Learning , Building Learning Communities
  19. Organization For Community Networks Homepage
  20. Peer-Led Team Learning
  21. SHARED THINKING - Snowballing plus Voting Technology (Shared Thinking)
  22. Team Based-Learning
  23. Testbed for Telecollaboration
  24. The Jigsaw Classroom A Cooperative Learning Technique
  25. learning


  26. Computer Aided Instruction Project :science
  27. Computer-Based Projects:by teachers to be
  28. Computeranimiertes Lernen: Home
  29. Computers in Art & Design Education
  30. Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College
  31. Computers in de klas
  32. Digital Equity :equal under the computer
  33. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
  34. Equal Access to Software and Information
  35. Handicheck, Computeraanpassingen en hulpmiddelen
  36. High-Performance Wireless Research and Education Network
  37. IT för pedagoger
  38. IT-online - InformationsTechnik für die Schule
  39. Megan Fox's Links for PDAs and Handhelds in Libraries and Academia
  40. One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a $100 laptop for the world's children's education
  41. One Laptop per Child
  42. The Campus Computing Project
  43. The Educational Technology Site, ICT in Education
  44. The KDE Education Project
  45. WWW.KENNISNET.NL :computers in education
  46. Welcome to the Wildwood Computer Lab:for elementary teachers
  47. Welkom bij Computers in de klas




  50. Mnemonics
  51. Online memory improvement course


  54. Big6: An Information Problem-Solving Process
  55. CASES Online, Creating Active Student Engagement in the Sciences
  56. CIESE - Collaborative Projects:k12
  57. Center for Problem-Based Learning Core
  58. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
  59. OnlineClass: Internet Education Projects:k12
  60. PBL Directory:problem based learning
  61. Problem Solving and Educational Games
  62. Problem-Based Learning
  63. Project Based Learning in Engineering
  64. The PLTL Workshop Project :peer lead team learning (in science)
  65. UD PBL: Problem-Based Learning


  66. Annenberg/CPB
  67. CERIMES - Centre de Ressources et d'Information sur les Multimédias pour l'Enseignement Supérieur
  68. Cable in the Classroom :us
  69. Kentucky Educational Television
  70. Klamath Amateur Television
  71. Longfellow Media Center:k12 ok
  72. Schooltv:nl
  73. Spoken Word Services:uk
  74. TV Cultura - Alô Escola - Recursos educativos para estudantes e professores
  75. University Radio Station (Open Learning)
  76. Welcome to open university
  77. iRead


  78. AERA.NET:educational research
  79. Action Research Network, Ireland:in education
  81. Center Research Web site:(us) education centers
  82. Center for Knowledge Communication
  83. Center for New Design in Learning and Scholarship
  84. Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
  85. Center on Instruction
  86. Centre de Recherche sur l'Education les Apprentissages et la Didactique
  87. Centre for Applied Research in Education
  88. Centre of Research on Education in China (CREC)
  89. Child Research Net:education
  90. Columbia Center for New Media Teaching & Learning
  91. - educational research
  92. Creet:centre for research in education and educational technology
  93. Direction Générale de la Recherche et de l'Innovation
  94. Education-line homepage
  95. Educational Techology Lab:macedonia
  96. European Educational Research Quality Indicators
  97. Gender Research in Music Education
  98. Graphics and Visual Informatics Laboratory
  99. HF UNI Koeln - Lehr- und Lernforschung (Dewey Center) Dewey-Center Köln
  100. Higher Education Research Institute
  101. Imaginative Education Research Group Portal
  102. Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique
  103. Institute for Learning and Research Technology, Bristol University
  104. Jack Whitehead :and action research in education
  105. Learning Technology Research Institute
  106. NCVER Australia:national centre for vocational education research
  107. National Center for Research in Vocational Education
  108. National Institute for Early Education Research
  109. Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
  110. Peter Reason:and action research
  111. RIPPLES: Research in Presentation Production for Learning Electronically
  112. Rahmenprogramm des BMBF zur Förderung der empirischen Bildungsforschung
  113. Research & Resources for High Schools
  114. SCUTREA Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults
  115. Service de Pédagogie expérimentale / Experimental Pedagogy
  116. Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research
  117. Strategic Forum for Research in Education
  118. Teaching Effectiveness Program
  119. Teaching Research
  120. USC / ISI Educational Technology Group
  121. Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  122. Zentrum für empirische pädagogische Forschung


  123. BECON-Broward Education Communications Network
  124. Behavior Analysis and Automated Instruction Syllabus
  125. British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
  126. CSU Center for Distributed Learning
  127. Calculator-Based Laboratory:texas instruments
  128. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
  129. Centre for Pedagogical Texts and Learning Processes
  130. Classroom Technology - Overview
  131. Described and Captioned Media Program:in education
  132. Direct Instruction
  133. EDUCH l'éducation spécialisée et son action auprès de l'enfance en difficulté
  134. Edheads - Activate Your Mind
  135. Educational Games
  136. Educational Technology That Talks
  137. Eduforge
  138. Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.
  139. Filamentality 2.0
  140. Graphic Organizer Index
  141. Illinois Online Network: improve classroom instruction
  142. Interactive Education
  143. KIDOONS Network
  145. Learning Alive:in the uk
  146. Learning Objects
  147. Learning Resource Kit
  148. MOODLE for Learners
  149. Michigan Reach Out:linking college mentors with teens
  150. Mind Tools
  151. Moodle JournalMoodle Journal using the Moodle VLE to promote e-Learning through forum, lesson, quiz and chat
  152. National Program on Collegiate Sponsored Instruction
  153. Page WEB de Joseph ROUZEL:educateur specialisee
  154. Paper Plate Education
  155. Project WHIRL:learning and handheld technology
  156. RIPPLES: research into presentation production for learning electronically
  157. RubiStar :rubrics for teachers
  158. School Redesign Network
  159. Songs for Teaching
  160. Students Can Learn On Their Own - Methods and Materials
  161. Super Teacher Tools
  162. Tech-Ease:classroom technology
  163. The Autodidact Society for the Self Taught
  164. The Content Management Comparison Tool
  165. The Education Arcade
  166. The Switched-On Classroom Home Page
  167. The Telelabs Project
  169. Tools for the TEKS, Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  170. UNC - Chapel Hill, Information Technology Services
  171. USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future
  172. Work-Based Learning for Education Professionals
  173. the Higher Education Digitisation Service
  174. what2learn


  175. ATE Central :advanced technological education
  176. Becta Emerging Technologies
  177. Becta Schools:improving learning through technology
  178. Brent Wilson:and information, learning technologies
  179. CTER White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators
  180. Campus Technology
  181. Catalyst:edutech
  182. Center School District Educational Technology
  183. Center for Applied Special Technology:education
  184. Center for Educational Technologies
  185. Center for Information Technology Education
  186. Center for Innovative Learning Technologies
  187. Center for Instructional Innovation
  188. Centre For Educational Technology Interoperability Standards
  189. ETTC of Burlington County:educational technology training center
  190. Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project
  191. EduDemic
  192. Educational Technology Center:kennesaw
  193. Educational Technology Resource Site
  194. Educational Technology Training Center at Kennesaw State University
  195. Educational Technology
  196. Educnet : nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'éducation
  197. Enhancing Education
  198. Euro Cordiale
  199. Florida - Advanced Technological Education Center
  200. Florida Center for Instructional Technology
  201. Holistic Education
  202. IM Education Projects
  203. IN TIME: using technology in the classroom
  204. Illinois Online Network for Technology Enhanced and Online Education Information
  205. Illinois Online Network, Your source for Technology Enhanced and Online Education Information
  206. Inclusive Technology - Enabling Education Network (EENET)
  207. Information Communication Technology - in Education
  208. Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Capacitación de Telecomunicaciones
  209. Instructional Design for Integrating Technologies:education
  210. Instructional Technology Connections:a beautiful overview from Martin Ryder: CU Denver
  211. Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL)
  212. Integrating Technology in the Curriculum
  213. Jim Levin:educational technologist
  214. John Larkin ~ Teacher and Instructional Technologist:au
  215. K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work Edutopia
  217. London Knowledge Lab :educational technology
  218. National Center for Technology Planning
  219. National Center for Technology in Liberal Education
  220. National Service Learning Clearing House:us
  221. ObservETory on Educational Technology
  222. PUPILVISION:uk teaching
  223. Portal Aprender Com Tecnologias
  224. Quasar:instructional technology at u-alberta
  225. Schulen, Schulmaterialien, Schüleraustausch und Chat - SchulWeb
  226. Teachers Using Technology
  227. Teaching With Technology
  228. TechDis - Teaching Inclusively Using Technology
  229. Techcoach:for teachers
  230. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  231. Technology "How To" Guidelines:education
  232. Technology Enhanced Learning
  233. Technology Integration Matrix
  234. Technology Integration:
  235. Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
  236. Technology and Education - Box of Tricks
  237. Tecnología Educativa
  238. The Future of Education
  239. The Snorkel: A Resource for Educational Technology Coordinators
  240. The Technology Loop:for teachers
  241. UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
  242. UWired Index:learning though technology
  243. United Nations Cyberschoolbus
  244. Welcome to TECFA:educational technology ch
  245. What is Educational Technology?
  247. eduteka - tecnologías de información y comunicaciones para la enseñanza básica y media
  249. open thinking :educational technology
  250. Technology and Learning
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