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  17. VISION


  1. Agent-Based Computational Economics and Artificial Life: A Brief Intro
  2. AgentLink :: Europe's Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing
  3. Agentcities Web
  4. Agentlab at the University of Melbourne
  5. Agents and Mediators
  6. Cognitive/Agent Architecture: Title Page
  7. D'Agents: Mobile Agents at Dartmouth College
  8. Distributed Systems Group, Technion : FarGo Project Home Page :develop mobile agents
  9. FIPA OS:foundation for intelligent physical agents
  10. Grasshopper - The Agent Platform
  11. Intelligent Software Agents:cmu
  12. Intelligent Software Agents:janson
  13. Intelligent Software Agents:umbc
  14. MIT Media Lab: Software Agents
  15. NetBots
  16. Publicly Available Implementations of FIPA Specifications:agent
  17. Security in Mobile Agent Systems
  18. The Multi-Agent Systems Lab
  19. The SIM_AGENT Package
  20. The Swarm Development Group:simulation of collections of concurrent agents
  21. The Zeus Agent Building Toolkit Home Page
  22. UM Autonomous Agents Lab
  23. University of Michigan DIAG Homepage:distributed intelligent agents
  24. Web Site for Agent-Based Computational Economics


  25. Active Contours Home Page:moving image analysis
  26. CV Lab @ UCF:computer vision
  27. Compendium of Computer Vision
  28. Computational Visual Cognition Laboratory @ MIT
  29. Computer Vision
  30. Computer Vision
  31. Computer Vision Handbook
  32. Computer Vision Home Page
  33. Computer Vision and Multimedia Lab, University of Geneva
  34. Computer Vision, Image Analysis Lab at USF
  35. Computer vision - a Wikia wiki
  36. David Lowe:and computer vision
  37. Demonstrations on Image Processing and Computer Vision Textbooks
  38. Dr. Gregory D. Hager - Dept of Computer Science - The Johns Hopkins University:computer vision
  39. Eero Simoncelli:computer vision
  40. Hybrid Tracking Research:in computer vision
  41. Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision
  42. Jan Wedekind:and computer vision
  43. National Centre for Computer Animation:uk
  44. Piyush Kumar:and surface reconstruction
  45. Rangachar Kasturi:machine vision etc.
  46. Rob Fergus:and computer vision
  47. The Computer Vision Homepage
  48. UWA Computer Science:vision research
  49. Yiannis Aloimonos:computer vision
  50. cs682:computer vision


  51. Andrew W. Moore:and data mining
  52. Armadillo, Historical Data Mining
  53. CS 6604 Course Outline and Syllabus:data mining
  54. Data Mining Survivor: - dmsurvivor
  55. Data Mining Techniques
  56. Data Mining and Analytic Technologies (Kurt Thearling)
  57. Data Mining with R: learning by case studies
  58. Data Mining, Web Mining, and Knowledge Discovery Guide
  59. Data mining and machine learning
  60. David Dowe:and computer data mining, minimum message length
  61. Eruditionhome - Data Mining Tutorials, Resources
  62. Eugene Agichtein:data mining
  63. GiST Generalized Search Tree:and data mining
  64. National Centre for Text Mining:uk
  65. SQL Server Data Mining
  66. Sam Chapman :data mining
  67. Statistical Data Mining Tutorials
  68. Stuart Yeates:text mining
  69. The Data Mine: how best to
  70. The Text Summarization project
  71. Topics in Information Retrieval and Data Mining
  72. UCI KDD Archive:knowledge discovery in databases
  73. What is Data Mining
  74. White Paper -- SuperQuery; Data Mining for Everyone


  75. Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management and more - a CompInfo Directory
  76. Case-based reasoning: Foundational issues, methodological
  77. EXPERT SYSTEMS:in archeology
  78. FAQ: Expert System Shells
  79. GeorgiaTech: CS2360 Winter 95: Knowledge representation and
  80. High-Performance Knowledge Retrieval
  81. Jess, the Java Expert System Shell
  82. Knowledge Based Engineering
  83. The Protege project:and building knowledge based systems
  84. UT Knowledge-Based Systems Group:on botany
  85. What is an Ontology?


  86. Antonio Colmenarez Research:face detection
  87. Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms
  88. Face Detection
  89. Face Detection and Face Recognition - Betaface
  90. Face Recognition
  91. Face Recognition Home Page
  92. Face Recognition Vendor Test
  93. Face Recognition:neural network
  94. Face colour under varying illumination - analysis and applications
  95. Facial Analysis
  96. Josef Bigun:face recognition
  97. M2VTS Project:face recognition and security access
  98. Sébastien Marcel:face recognition
  99. VISMOD Face Recognition Home Page
  100. Vision and the Human Face

    *HUMAN ID*

  101. Automatic Gait Recognition for Human ID at a Distance
  102. Human Identification Project- University of Texas at Dallas
  103. Iris recognition
  104. John Daugman's webpage, Cambridge University, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge UK:and iris recognition
  105. The CAPTCHA Project:telling humans and computers apart


  106. Binary Tree Predictive Coding :image compression
  107. Carnegie Mellon Graphics Lab
  108. Centre for Image Analysis
  109. Digital Image Processing
  110. Dr. Wimmer, Matthias :face analyis
  111. ELEN016-0 Traitement numérique des images
  112. Hyperimage Media Processing Reference:ai
  113. Image Processing
  114. Image Pyramids
  115. Image Registration and Mosaicking
  116. Leonid P. Yaroslavsky :image processing
  117. Lin Zhou:non-rigid motion analysis
  118. Nottingham Video Processing Environment
  119. PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning
  120. PEIPA, the Pilot European Image Processing Archive
  121. Ron Kimmel:and image analysis
  122. Scale-space, A framework for handling image structures at multiple scales
  123. The Watershed Transformation page:and image analysis
  124. Visual 3D Modeling from Images


  125. CMSC 491I/691I - Information Retrieval
  126. CS 494 - Information Retrieval
  127. Center for Intelligent Data Retrieval
  128. Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval
  129. Christian Borgelt:intelligent data analysis
  130. Evgeniy Gabrilovich:and text categorization
  131. Information Retrieval, Intelligence, Integrated Optimization and Scientific Marketing
  132. Informedia Digital Video Library:machine searching
  133. Intelligent Information Retrieval - DePaul University
  134. Modern Information Retrieval
  135. SIMS 202: Information Organization and Retrieval


  136. Ann Copestake:and computational linguistics
  138. Center for Sprogteknologi
  139. Centrum voor Computerlinguistiek
  140. Course Information for CMSC723/Ling645:computational linguistics
  141. GATE, A General Architecture for Text Engineering
  142. IMS Home Page:institut fuer machinelle sprachverarbeitung
  143. Jason Eisner :and computational linguistics
  144. Kea - automatic keyphrase extraction
  145. LPU :text learning
  146. LSA @ CU Boulder:latent semantic analysis
  147. Language Identification Tools
  148. Language Technology World
  149. Language Technology in the Europe Media Monitor of the EC's Joint Research Centre
  150. Latent Semantic Indexing Web Site
  151. Learning Classifier Systems Group
  152. Minimum Message Length MML
  153. Parsers Available on the Internet.
  154. Peregrinator, A Web-Indexing Robot
  155. Porter Stemming Algorithm
  156. Proteus Project - Apple Pie Parser (Corpus based Parser)
  157. Scottish NLG Home Page
  158. Snowball:language stemming
  159. Snowfox:automatic web classification
  160. Statistical Machine Translation
  161. Stochastic Language Identifier
  162. TAPoR - Text Analysis Portal for Research at the University of Alberta
  163. Telcordia Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Demo Machine
  164. Text categorization using lexical chains
  165. The Natural Language Software Registry Homepage
  166. The Science of Word Recognition:microsoft
  167. Thorsten:and computer linguitics
  168. Trainable OCR Competition
  169. Welcome to Cross Language Evaluation Forum:information retrieval


  170. 6.891 Machine Learning Approaches for Natural Language Processing
  171. C661: Natural Language Processing
  172. CPS 370 :statistical natural language processing
  173. Dan Melamed:and language processing
  174. Dekang Lin:and natural language processing
  175. Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
  176. Multimedia, Speech and Signal Processing
  177. Natural Language Processing :microsoft
  178. Natural Language Processing Group
  179. Natural Language Processing at Cornell
  180. Natural Language Processing in Prolog
  181. Robert Dale:nlp
  182. SAMPA computer readable phonetic alphabet
  183. Some publically available NLP packages
  184. Spoken Language Processing
  185. Statistical NLP
  186. The OpenNLP Homepage
  187. The Proteus Project at NYU:natural language processing
  188. VOICEBOX: Speech Processing Toolbox for MATLAB
  189. X-SAIGA Project:language processing
  190. language processing
  191. tetreault:nlp


  192. CIS 580:machine perception
  193. Image Science and Machine Vision
  194. Intelligent Machine Vision
  196. Russell Manning:and machine vision


  197. Antonio Torralba:scene and object recognition
  198. Dan Roth:pattern recognition
  199. David Bainbridge:optical music recognition
  200. Devangari:ocr
  201. Dr. Ajmal s. Mian:3d object recognition
  202. Iris Recognition:computer
  203. M.S. Schmalz:pattern recognition et al.
  204. NICI Handwriting Recognition Group home page
  205. Oxford Visual Dynamics Group :movement recognition
  206. PRISM Lectures:pattern recognition ai
  207. Pattern Recognition on the Web
  208. Pattern Recognition
  209. Signature Recognition Project
  210. Speaker Recognition Resources
  211. The Speaker Recognition
  212. Thomas Rauber :and pattern recognition




  214. AT&T Labs Speech Technologies
  215. Center for Language and Speech Processing, Johns Hopkins University
  216. Center for Spoken Language Understanding
  217. HTK Hidden Markov Model Toolkit -- speech recognition research toolkit
  218. KTH Speech, Music and Hearing :computer
  219. Martin Cooke:cs speech and hearing
  220. Neural Speech Enhancement
  221. Nordtalk:computer - human
  222. SPEX - Speech Processing EXpertise centre
  223. Say...:text to speech
  224. Speech Analysis Tutorial
  225. Speech Enhancement Group
  226. Speech Research Lab: speech synthesis
  227. Speech and Hearing: cs research at sheffield
  228. Speech at CMU
  229. SpeechLinks: Speech Synthesis
  230. TC-STAR Project, Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation
  231. The Epos Speech Synthesis System
  232. Worldtalk:computer - human


  233. John Hutchins:and machine translation
  234. MT Archive:machine translation
  235. Machine Translation Archive
  236. Machine Translation, an Introductory Guide


  237. Active Contour Models, Snakes
  238. Adi Levin:subdivision surfaces
  239. Computational Vision Lab
  240. Computational Vision, Reading, U.K.
  241. Dan Huttenlocher:computer vision
  242. David Lowe:computer vision
  243. Frederic Fol Leymarie:perception and digital creativity
  244. Geometric Algorithms for Modeling, Motion and Animation
  245. Information, Control and Vision Engineering Group
  246. Laboratory for Computational Vision
  247. Nonlinear Magnification InfoCenter
  248. Omnidirectional Vision
  249. Pedro Felzenszwalb:and computer vision
  250. Project-perception, Multiple camera reconstruction and motion segmentation
  251. Seeing with Sound - The vOICe:synthetic vision
  252. Stan Birchfield:and 3d sensing
  253. Tamal K. Dey:curve and surface reconstruction
  254. Temple University Shape Similarity Project
  255. Texture Segmentation An Introductory Primer
  256. The Artificial Perception Laboratory
  257. The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics:thing
  258. The Marching Cubes
  259. Topics in Vision Research at Brown
  260. Vision FAQ Index
  261. Vision List
  262. Vision Systems Group Proverbs Main
  263. Vision Systems
  264. VisionScience
  265. Visual Computing Lab
  266. eBook - Intelligent Vision Systems for Industry
  267. stereo vision
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