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  1. ARS Biological Control Documentation Center
  2. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service:us
  3. Areawide Pest Management Research Unit
  4. Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  6. Biavl:bee disease (dk)
  7. Biological Control as a Component of Sustainable Agriculture
  8. Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America
  9. Colorado's CAPS program
  10. George Kapusta's Weed Control Progress Reports Homepage, PLSS, SIUC.
  11. Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health - College of Public Health
  12. HYPP Zoologie en ligne:hypermedia en protection des plantes
  13. IOBC Working Group on Pheromones and Semiochemicals:international organization for biological control
  14. KY Critter Files - Insects, Spiders, and Their Relatives
  15. Later's Home Page:pest solutions for canada
  16. NAPIS Pest Tracker:us
  17. Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Insects
  18. Online-Information-Service:for non-chemical pest management in the tropics
  19. Orange County Vector Control District Home
  20. Pest Contol Management Regulatory Agency:ca
  21. Pest Control:us
  22. Pest Management Center :uidaho
  23. Pest Management at the Crossroads
  24. PestWeb - Pest Control Industry Website
  25. Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
  26. Phenology Models: Select an Organism
  27. Rodent Control for swine operations
  28. South Carolina CAPS Program:cooperative agricultural pest survey
  29. Stop Rats in Alaska
  30. The Keokuk County Rural Health Study of the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health
  31. UC Pest Management Guidelines
  33. UW, Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
  34. Washington State Pest Management Resource Service
  35. Wyoming's CAPS Home Page:cooperative agricultural pest survey


  36. APHIS Home Page:animal plant health inspection service (us)
  37. Biological Pest Control
  38. Crop Knowledge Master:pests
  39. CropLife America:crop protection
  40. Diagnostic Key to Major Tree Fruit Diseases
  41. Georgia Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
  42. Global Crop Pests - IPM/CIIFAD
  43. High Plains Integrated Pest Management Guide
  44. Home & Landscape - Select a Pest
  45. IPM : Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News
  46. Idaho Plant Disease Reporter
  47. Invasive and Exotic Insects, Diseases, and Weeds
  48. Iowa State University Plant Pathology Extension
  49. Minnesota Scab and Disease Forecasting Site
  50. NDSU Disease Forecast:dakota
  51. OSU IPPC Homepage:intergrated plant protection center
  52. OSU Info - Yard & Garden:pest control
  53. Pest Identification
  54. Plant Diseases and Damage
  55. Plant Health Services:Univ. of Wisconsin:Douglas Maxwell
  56. Plant Protection, Massey University, New Zealand
  57. Postharvest Diseases of Apples and Pears
  58. RI Apple IPM homepage
  59. Soybean Insects Bibliographic Database (SIRIC) :agric.
  60. The Corn Rootworm Home Page
  61. The Virtual Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
  62. Vegetable CAT Alerts 1993-97 :crop advisory team
  63. Washington State University Fruit Pathology
  64. XYLELLA FASTIDIOSA WEB SITE:pierce's disease in grapes


  65. Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World
  66. FETCH 21 - Forest Entomology Textbook Challenge for the 21st Century
  67. FIDL's:forest insect and disease leaflets - from the pacific northwest
  68. Forest Entomology and Control
  69. Forest Health
  70. Forest Insect Management
  71. Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory
  72. Forest Pests of North America
  73. Forest and Shade Tree Pathology
  74. MAST Bark Beetle Emergency Outreach Program - A Thinner Forest Is a Healthier Forest
  75. North American Forest Commission Exotic Forest Pest Information System
  76. Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm, Ash Decline & Tree Diseases in Michigan, David L. Roberts
  77. Pest Alerts - hosted by the Northeastern Area - Morgantown Field Office - USDA Forest Service
  78. Pine Pitch Canker Task Force:tree disease
  79. SIREX - Forest Pests and Diseases
  80. Southern Pine Beetle Internet Control Center
  81. TPCP: Tree Pathology Co-operative Programme
  82. The North American Forestry Commission Exotic Forest Pest Information System for North America
  83. Tree pests


  84. Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat
  85. Fusarium Head Blight of Barley and Wheat
  86. Integrated Disease Management in Small Grains
  87. Small Grains Diseases and Pathogens,
  88. Sweet Corn Disease Nursery
  89. The European Corn Borer Home Page
  90. US Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative:fusarium
  91. USDA-ARS Corn and Sorghum Pathology Lab, Indiana
  92. Wheat Diseases and Pests: A Guide for Field Identification


  93. Agricultural Resources Center & Pesticide Education Project
  94. Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
  95. Bayer Crop Science:pesticide
  96. California Department of Pesticide Regulation
  97. Clemson University Pesticide Information Program
  98. College voor de toelating van bestrijdingsmiddelen
  99. Compendium of Pesticide Common Names
  100. CropLife America:pesticides
  101. Methyl Bromide
  102. Michigan State University Pesticide Safety Education
  103. National Pesticide Telecommunications Network :us.
  105. Pesticide Action Network: Advancing Alternatives to Pesticides Worldwide
  106. Pesticide Alternatives Laboratory
  107. Pesticide Education Resources Awards
  108. Pesticide Education Resources, University of Nebraska
  109. Pesticide Information Profiles
  110. Pesticide Information:eu
  111. Pesticide Management Education Program
  112. Pesticide and Wildlife
  113. Pesticides Safety Directorate:uk
  114. Purdue Pesticide Programs Home Page
  115. Rachel Carson Council, Pesticide Informatio
  116. Residue Monitoring Program:pesticide in cal
  117. Swath Kit - Ag Aircraft Spray Pattern Analysis
  118. The Agricultural Resources Center:and pesticides
  119. The Ohio State Univ., Pesticide Applicator Training
  120. US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Home
  121. Visualizing Herbicide Activity in Plants
  122. Washington State Pesticide Page


  123. Aacute Pest Control - Stinging Insects
  124. Agricultural Entomology & Pest Management
  125. Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit:of insects in nsw
  126. Arthropods subject to regulation and quarantine in Texas
  127. Bladluizen in de kas
  128. Desert Locust Information Service of FAO
  129. Determinatie van bladmineerders in Nederland
  130. Dr Don's Termite Pages
  131. Effective Control of Cockroaches
  132. Emerald Ash Borer
  133. FLEAS (Siphonaptera)
  134. Grasshoppers, Their Biology, Identification and Management
  135. INHS: Center for Economic Entomology
  136. Insect pests and climate change - The Attagenus smirnovi project
  137. MSU Entomology Homepage:and crop diseases
  138. North Carolina Insect Notes
  139. Pest Tracker - NAPIS
  140. Red Palm Weevil
  141. STRIKEWISE:of the blowfly
  142. Scientific Basis for Biological Farming and Natural Control of Soil Insects and Disease
  143. So-ID-Entomology:southern idaho
  144. Soybean Insect Research Information Center Home
  145. Texas Imported Fire Ant Research & Management Plan
  146. The Termite Page
  147. University of California Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Workgroup Homepage
  148. University of Kentucky Entomology, ENTfacts:insect pests


  149. Citrus Entomology :ipm
  150. Commodity and Pest Management Profiles
  152. IPM Access Home Page
  153. IPM home page:udel
  154. IPM models - Weather Data Home Page
  155. IPMnet
  156. Integrated Pest Management at Iowa State University
  157. Integrated Pest Management in the Northeast Region
  158. Integrated Pest Management:montana
  159. Integrated Pest and Crop Management :wisc
  160. Integrated Plant Protection Center
  161. MI State Univ Integrated Pest Management Program
  162. Maine Potato Ingtegrated Pest Management
  163. National IPM Network North Carolina Component
  164. Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program
  165. Pesticide Information--UC IPM
  166. Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook
  167. The IPM Institute of North America, Inc.
  168. UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project
  169. UVM Apple Orchard - Integrated Pest Management
  170. University of Illinois Integrated Pest Management Program
  171. Virginia Fruit Page - Virginia Tech's site for fruit IPM and production
  172. Welcome to the IPM Alabama Homepage!
  173. Welcome to the VegEdge:ipm
  174. hortIPM


  175. CNR Area di Ricerca - Bari ITALY :instituto di nematologia applicata ai vegetali
  176. Istituto di Nematologia Agraria
  178. Quick Soybean Cyst Nematode Information
  179. Soybean Cyst Nematode


  180. Controls for Turfgrass Diseases
  181. NCSU Plant Disease Information Notes -- Turfgrass
  183. UC Pest Management Guidelines: Pests of Turfgrass


  184. Cucurbit Disorders
  185. Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecast:nc
  186. Fruit Pathology - Tree Fruit Disease Fact Sheets and Photographs
  187. Hot Potatoes: KCTS Productions:potatoe blight
  188. Late Blight Home Page
  189. Management of Potato Diseases in the Home Garden
  190. Plantenziektekunde:aardappel
  191. Rhode Island Apple IPM
  192. Vegetable Diseases Cornell Home Page
  193. Vegetable Diseases Cornell
  194. Vegetable IPM


  195. Environmental Weeds in Australia
  196. European Weed Research Society pages
  197. Global Compendium of Weeds
  198. Grass Weeds In Wheat:goat grass
  199. Herbicide Resistant Weeds
  200. ISU Weed Science Online - Reference Desk
  201. Idaho's Noxious Weeds
  202. International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds
  203. Invasive Species database at BONAP
  204. Invasive Weeds:southwest
  205. Iowa State Weed Science Online
  206. John Byrd :and weed science
  207. Jointed Goatgrass-Threat to US Wheat Production
  208. King County Noxious Weed Control Program
  209. Maryland Weed Science
  210. Montana War on Weeds
  211. NCGA_Weed Resistance Management
  212. NDWeeds
  213. Noxious and Nuisance Plant Management Information System:us army
  214. Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide
  215. Onkruiden herkennen
  216. Pest Management and Identification: Weeds listed by common name
  217. Peter Sforza:and weeds, pests
  218. TUniversity of Tenneessee Weed Management
  219. UC, Weed Research and Information Center
  220. WEED SCIENCE 311/511
  222. Weed ID Guide, MU Weed Science Program
  223. Weed Identification Guide at Virginia Tech
  224. Weed Identification Library:umanitoba
  225. Weed Identification, Southern Illinois University Weed Science, PSGA, SIUC
  226. Weed Identification
  227. Weed Management:arkansas
  228. Weed Science Lab at the Univ. of Illinois
  229. Weed Science at the University of Illinois
  230. Weed-links-outline
  232. Weeds Australia
  233. Weeds CRC
  234. Weeds in New Zealand
  235. Weeds:mexico state
  236. mtwow:montana war on weed
  237. weedmapper:oregon
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