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  1. Academy of Certified Archivists:us
  2. Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers
  3. Association of Records Managers and Administrators
  4. Associazione Italiana per la Documentazione Avanzata
  5. Australian Society of Archivists Home Page
  6. Canadian Records Management Institute
  7. Georgia Department of Archives and History
  8. International Records Management Trust home page
  9. Society of Archivists website :uk
  10. The NW Archivists Homepage
  11. The Society of American Archivists
  12. UK Web Archiving Consortium


  13. ARLIS Canada :art libraries society
  14. Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kunst und Museumsbibliotheken
  15. Art Libraries Society of North America
  16. Arts Libraries Society:uk
  17. Association of Architecture School Librarians
  18. Overleg Kunst(historische) Bibliotheken Nederland
  19. South East Museum Library and Archive Council:uk
  20. Theatre Library Association:us


  21. Australian Library and Information Association
  22. CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) Home Page
  23. The Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services


  24. Bibliographical Society of America
  25. Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand
  26. Bibliographical Society of Canada
  27. Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia
  28. The Bibliographical Society


  30. Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation
  31. BookCrossing - Free Book Club - Catch and Release Used Books
  32. Büchereiverband Österreichs
  33. Fine Press Book Association
  34. Great Books Foundation
  35. Society of Antiquaries of London - Library Catalogue
  36. The Miniature Book Society
  37. The National Book Foundation
  38. World eBook Library Consortia


  39. British Columbia Library Association
  40. Canadian Provincial Library Associations
  41. Corporation des bibliothécaires professionels du Québec
  42. Library Associations in Canada
  43. Manitoba Library Association


  44. Bibliotheksverbund Bayern
  45. Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Bibliotheksverbände
  46. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis
  47. Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut Online
  48. Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund:de
  49. Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg
  50. Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare
  51. Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund


  52. Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers
  53. Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers
  54. Chinese Society of Indexers
  55. Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer
  56. Nederlands Indexers Netwerk
  57. The Society of Indexers:uk


  58. ABU - Bienvenue!:association des bibliophiles universelles
  59. AIB-WEB English :italian library association
  60. Armenian Library Association
  61. Asociación de Bibliotecólogos del Uruguay
  62. Association des Directeurs de Bibliothèques Départementales de Prêt
  63. Association des bibliothécaires français
  64. Association of Independent Libraries:uk
  65. Associazione Italiana Biblioteche
  66. BIMUS Museum Libraries Network:es
  67. Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya
  68. Consorcio Madroño:bibliotecaria madrid
  69. De Nederlandse Museumvereniging
  70. IADA: Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Archiv-, Bibliotheks- und Graphikrestauratoren
  71. Indian Library Association
  72. International Association of School Librarianship
  73. International Ferderation of Library Associations and Institutions
  74. Key Resources in Library Automation
  75. L'association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation
  76. Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
  77. Library and information association of South Africa
  78. National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway
  79. SCONE: Scottish Collections Network Extensions: library
  80. SOSbibli:fr libsoc
  81. Southeast Asia Library Group
  82. Svensk Biblioteksförening
  83. Syndicat des Librairies Francophones de Belgique
  84. The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals:uk
  85. Turkish Librarians' Association
  86. Union of Associations of Slovene Librarians
  87. Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken
  88. Vermont Library Association
  89. VÖB: Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare
  90. World Public Library Association
  91. bibliotheks verband südtirol
  92. enssib:library soc fr


  93. British Columbia Courthouse Library Society
  94. Canadian Association of Law Libraries
  95. Chicago Association of Law Libraries
  96. New Zealand Law Librarians Group
  97. Northern California Association of Law Libraries
  98. Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association
  99. Southern California Association of Law Libraries
  101. The American Association of Law Libraries


  102. ALSC Blog:soc for library service to children
  103. Africana Librarians Council
  104. Association for Information and Image Management
  105. Association for Laboratory Automation
  106. Association for Library and Information Science Education
  107. Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
  108. Association of Public Data Users
  109. British Columbia Teacher-Librarians' Association
  110. Califa Library Group
  111. Church and Synagogue Library Association
  112. DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries
  113. DataShare Project:data information specialist commitee
  114. Digital Library Federation
  115. Digital Preservation Coalition
  116. Electronic Literature Organization
  117. Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network
  118. European Association of Sinological Librarians
  119. European Bureau of Library Information and Documentation Associations
  120. European Commission on Preservation and Access
  121. Institute of Paper Conservation
  122. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  123. LIS Research Coalition
  125. National Acquisitions Group: uk
  126. North American Sport Library Network
  127. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated
  128. Ohio Educational Libraries Media Association
  129. Open Archives Initiative
  130. PUBYAC:children and libraries soc
  131. Progressive Librarians Guild
  132. Public Library of Science:soc
  133. ReCAP - The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium
  134. Records Management Society of Great Britain
  135. Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library
  136. SLA News Division:special libraries association
  137. Scottish Digital Library Consortium
  138. Society of College, National and University Libraries:uk
  139. Special Libraries Association Education Division
  140. Special Libraries Association
  141. The Association for Information Management
  142. The Library Network, serving the World Bank Group and IMF
  143. Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche
  144. Universal Decimal Classification Consortium
  145. Urban Libraries Council (ULC) Homepage
  146. Verband kirchlich-wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken
  147. Visual Resources Association:library
  148. Welcome to the Council on Library and Information Resources
  149. Western Association of Map Libraries
  150. World Public Library Association


  151. Association for Medical Librarianship, Germany
  152. Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries
  153. Canadian Health Libraries Association
  154. Friends of The National Library of Medicine
  155. Georgia Health Sciences Library Association
  156. Health Science Librarians of Illinois
  157. Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
  158. Medical Library Association
  159. Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group
  160. The Medical Library Association Network
  161. The Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona
  162. University Health and Medical Librarians Group:uk
  163. Washington Library Medica Association
  164. Washington Medical Librarians Association


  165. Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
  166. Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres
  167. International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres
  168. Music Library Association


  169. ACRLog :association of college research libraries
  170. Association of Research Libraries
  171. California Academic & Research Libraries
  172. Canadian Association of Research Libraries
  173. Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries
  174. International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers
  175. RLG's Home Page:research library group
  176. Samenwerkende Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheken:nl
  177. Special Library Association (San Andreas Chapter)
  178. Strategic Alliance of Federal Science and Technology Libraries:canada
  179. The Consortium of University Research Librarians:uk
  180. Vlaams Overlegorgaan inzake Wetenschappelijk Bibliotheekwerk
  181. absysNET Opac REBIUN:spanish research library net


  182. British Business Schools Librarians Group
  183. Illinois School Library Media Association
  184. International Association of School Librarianship
  185. School Library Association:uk


  186. Alaska Library Association Home Page
  187. American Indian Library Association
  188. American Library Association
  189. California Library Association (CLA) home page
  190. Chief Officers of State Library Agencies
  191. Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Home Page
  192. Colorado Association of Libraries
  193. Connecticut Library Association
  194. Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries
  195. Idaho Library Association
  196. Indiana Library Federation
  197. Kansas Library Association Home Page
  198. Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C., Inc.
  199. Louisiana Library Association
  200. Maine Library Association
  201. Nebraska Library Association
  202. New England Library Association
  203. New Mexico Library Association
  204. New Mexico Library Foundation
  205. New York Library Association Home Page
  206. North Carolina Library Association
  207. Pacific Northwest Library Association
  208. South Carolina Association of School Librarians
  209. South Dakota Library Network
  210. Texas Library Association
  211. The Illinois Library Association
  212. Urban Libraries Council
  213. Virginia Library Association
  214. Washington Library Association
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