1. ADA
  3. CS
  8. JAVA
  10. ORACLE


  1. Ada Home: the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers (HBAP)
  2. Ada Resource Association
  3. Ada UK - Home Page
  4. Ada-Europe
  5. Home-Page ADA-Germany - Einstiegsseite
  6. The Ada-Belgium Organization


  7. Association of Computer Professionals:uk
  8. Australian Computer Society
  9. Bahá'í Computer & Communication Association
  10. British Computer Society
  11. Computer Society of Sri Lanka
  12. Greek Computer Society
  13. Irish Computer Society
  14. Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft
  15. Polish Informaticians Society
  16. Singapore Computer Society
  17. Sociedade Brasileira de Computação
  18. The Hong Kong Computer Society
  19. The New Zealand Computer Society Inc.


  20. ACM/SIGMETRICS Home Page
  21. Asociación de Técnicos de Informática.
  22. Association Of Synchronous Data Formats
  23. Association of Independent Computer Specialists
  24. AusCERT - Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team
  25. Avar:association of anti virus researchers
  26. British Computer Association of the Blind
  27. Chaos Computer Club e.V.
  28. Chicago Chinese Computing Professional Association
  29. Coalition to Diversify Computing
  30. Computer Science Teachers Association
  31. Computing Research Association (CRA)
  32. Computing Research and Education Association
  33. Construction Industry Computing Association
  34. Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology
  35. Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation e.V.
  36. Distributed Computing Industry Association
  37. EMCC European Molecular Computing Consortium
  38. European Association for Theoretical Computer Science
  39. European Commission Information Society Technologies
  40. European Committee for Interoperable Systems:ict
  41. FONDAZIONE UGO BORDONI. Ricerca e consulenza nel settore delle tecnologie, delle comunicazioni e dell'informazione.
  42. Fieldbus Foundation
  43. Fórum do Clube do Hardware
  44. Great Lakes Cisco Users Group
  45. Group for Interactive Tools and Applications:hci
  46. Home Page of the INTOSAI Committee on IT Audit Website
  47. Houston Area Apple User Group
  48. IADIS Multi conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
  49. IEEE Communications Society
  50. IEEE Standards Working Group Areas
  51. Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals:uk
  52. Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability:of computers
  53. International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC)
  54. International Electrotechnical Commission - Home Page (English)
  55. International Game Developers Association
  56. Irish Association for High Performance Computing
  57. Magic Thailand Users Group
  58. NISO - National Information Standards Organization
  59. Network Startup Resource Center
  60. New Eng Palm Users Group Home Page
  61. NextGRID :soc eu
  62. OASIS, Advancing open standards for the global information society
  63. Open Embedded Software Foundation
  64. Organization for the Advancement of Structures Information Standards
  65. Overclockers UK
  66. Oxford University Computing Laboratory Quantum Group
  67. PCI-SIG
  68. Root Server Technical Operations Assn
  69. SNIA - Advancing storage and information technology:soc
  70. Sarasota PC Users Group World Wide Web Home Page
  71. Sociedad Chilena de Ciencia de la Computación
  72. Society for Computer Simulation International
  73. Society for Information Display
  74. Technical Group on Computer Simulation
  75. Texas Computer Education Association
  76. The Computer Security Institute
  77. The Globus Alliance:grid
  78. The Localization Industry Standards Association
  79. The Open Group, Enterprise Architecture Standards, Certification and Services
  80. UK Academy for Information Systems
  81. UMLUG Website:u-maryland
  82. Usability Professional Association
  83. Wallix société de sécurité informatique
  84. Web Indexing SIG
  85. Welcome to the OSGi Alliance
  86. Wireless LAN Association
  87. WoTUG Home:concurrent processes


  88. ACM SIGGRAPH Online!
  89. European Association for Computer Graphics
  90. Virtual Reality Society
  91. Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society
  92. libpng.org: top level:portable network graphics


  94. Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico
  95. Club des décideurs et professionnels en Informatique
  96. Commission du français et de l'Informatique
  97. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.
  98. Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA
  99. Societe francaise des sciences de l'information
  100. Tecnoteca, il portale delle nuove tecnologie informatiche
  101. The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
  102. Turkish Informatics Society
  103. belgian federation of informatics associations (bfia)
  104. schweizerischer verband der informatikorganisationen


  105. American Society for Information Science and Technology Home Page
  106. Association for Information Systems
  107. Association française pour l'information scientifique
  108. Canadian Information Processing Society
  109. Canadian Society of Information Theory
  110. Finnish Information Processing Association
  111. IEEE Information Theory Society HOME Page
  112. Icelandic Society for Information
  113. Information Processing Society of Japan
  114. Information Systems Security Association
  115. Information Theory Research Group
  116. Institute for Information Technology at the National Research Council:ca
  117. International Association for Computer Information Systems
  118. International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil
  119. National Association of State Chief Information Officers:us
  120. National Information Standards Home Page:us
  121. Technology Innovation Information:soc
  122. Welcome to IFIP:international federation of information processing societies


  123. Anti-Phishing Working Group
  124. Apache Friends
  125. Asociación de Internautas
  126. Association of Internet Professionals
  127. Association of Internet Researchers
  128. CAIDA:cooperative association for internet data analysis
  130. Chapitre Wallonie de l'Internet Society
  131. DSL Forum
  132. Digital Media Access Group
  133. Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
  134. European Internet Coregulation Network
  135. HTML Writers Guild
  136. HackerWatch.org
  137. HoneyNet Project:internet security soc
  138. IW3C2
  139. International SGML/XML Users' Group
  140. International Webmasters Association
  141. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  142. Internet Engineering Task Force
  143. Internet FAQ Consortium
  144. Internet Security Alliance:soc
  145. Internet Services Providers Association:uk
  146. Internet2
  147. Intranet Benchmarking Association
  148. JetCafe :internet club
  149. Mail Abuse Prevention System :soc
  150. Microtel
  151. OpenAjax Alliance
  152. P2P Foundation
  153. Swiss Internet User Group
  154. The Apache Software Foundation
  155. The Guild of Accessible Web Designers
  156. The HTML Writers Guild
  157. The Internet Council
  158. The Usability Professionals' Association
  159. The Web Analytics Association
  160. UK Broadband Usergroup
  161. Usability Professional's Association of New Zealand
  163. Web 2.0 Workgroup
  164. Wireless World Research Forum
  165. World Wide Web Foundation


  166. Java Card Special Interest Group
  167. Java User Group Deutschland
  168. JavaMUG - Java Metroplex User Group
  169. Seattle Java(TM) Users Group


  170. ActiveState Programmer Network
  171. Association of Lisp Users
  172. Atlanta FoxPro Users Group - Home
  173. C++ and Java SIG
  174. C/C++ Users Group
  175. COBOL Programming - COBOL User Groups
  176. COMPULOG Americas:logic programming
  177. European Association of Programming Languages and Systems
  178. Inductive Logic Programming European Scientific Network
  179. Python Learning Foundation
  180. SDL Forum Society :specific description language
  181. Silicon Valley, California Cocoa Programmers' Group
  182. StarOffice Users Group Portal
  183. The Association of C & C++ Users
  184. The Eiffel Forum:socs
  185. The Non-Profit International Consortium for Eiffel
  186. The Programmers Guild
  187. The Rexx Language Association
  188. The precise UML group home page
  189. Twin Cities PHP User Group
  190. UK Borland User Group
  191. Virtual FoxPro User Group


  192. Deutsche ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V.
  193. Georgia Oracle Users Group
  194. NorCal Oracle Users Group
  195. Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
  196. Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group


  197. Association of Internet Researchers
  198. Association of Shareware Professionals
  199. Association of Virtual Worlds
  200. Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais de Usabilidade
  201. Bay Area Functional Programmers
  202. Brazilian Function Point Users Group
  203. COMSOFT Home Page:consortium for the management of emerging software technologies
  204. Chinese Software Professionals Association:in america
  205. Denert-Stiftung für Software-Engineering
  206. Deutsche Shareware Autoren VEreinigung
  207. Die deutschsprachige CodeIgniter-Community
  208. Entertainment Software Association
  209. Entertainment Software Rating Board
  210. Eurographics Association:computer
  211. Extreme Programming Portland:soc
  212. Formal Methods Europe:soc
  213. Free Software Foundation Europe
  214. German Object Oriented Association Linkage
  215. IDAV Visualization and Graphics Research Group
  216. Independent Oracle Users Group
  217. Interaction Design Association:web
  218. International Function Point Users Group
  219. Internet Society
  220. Internet Software Consortium
  221. Jelliedeel.org - Open source software Resources and Information
  222. La Free Software Foundation France
  223. Logo Foundation
  224. Mathematical Programming Society
  225. NOVATICA: es programjs
  226. National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  227. OPC Foundation Home:ole for process control
  228. Open Source Advisory Service:uk
  229. Open Source Applications Foundation
  230. Open Source Development Network
  231. OpenCola Inc.
  232. Public Software Foundation
  233. SQL Server WorldWide User's Group
  234. Society of Knowledge Base Publishers
  235. Software Development Online
  236. The GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  237. The Open Group:program
  238. The Society for Free Culture and Software :se
  239. Unicode:soc
  240. Web Standards Group
  241. World Federation on Soft Computing
  242. norsk forening for bildebehandling og mønstergjenkjenning


  243. Dansk Dataforening
  244. Dansk Selskab for Datalogi
  245. Dataföreningen i Sverige
  246. Den Norske Dataforening
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