1. 2CV
  3. BMW
  4. CAR
  7. MAKES
  9. TRAIN

    *2CV*@car socs

  1. 2CV Club, De Tweecylinder
  2. 2CV Kit Car Club
  3. 2CV-Club-Braunschweig
  4. 2V-Club Happy Ents Saarbrücken
  5. 2cv-huppel
  6. Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain
  7. Die 2CV-Homepage Stuttgart

    *AIR/PLANE*@car socs

  8. ACI Airports Council International
  9. AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  10. Air Transport Association of America, Inc.
  11. Air-Britain:soc
  12. Airport Support Network
  13. Airports Council International (ACI) - Latin America and the Caribbean
  14. American Association of Airport Executives
  15. Aviation Environment Federation:uk
  16. Aviation Professionals Network
  17. Aviation Safety Network
  18. Baltimore Area Soaring Society
  19. British Isles Flying 15 Association
  20. Canadian 99s:women aviation soc
  21. Canadian Owners and Pilot Association
  22. Eastern Soaring League
  23. Flight Safety Foundation
  24. Fédération Française de Vol à Voile
  25. International Air Transport Association
  26. International Civil Aviation Organization
  28. League for Electric Soaring
  29. Minnesota Rocketry Network
  30. National Association of Rocketry:us
  31. Reaction Research Society:rocket us
  32. Seattle Glider Council
  33. Silent Knights Soaring Society
  34. Soaring Pilots Association of Southern Maryland
  35. South Central Section:99
  36. Southwest Section Ninety-Nines
  37. Stichting Hoogvliegers
  38. The Ninety-Nines, Inc, International Organization of Women Pilots
  39. The Seaplane Pilots Association
  40. Tripoli Rocketry Association:mn
  41. Ultralight aviation - Australia
  42. Vintage Airstream Club
  43. West Valley Flying Club:palo alto

    *BMW*@car socs

  44. BMW Car Club of America
  45. BMW Car Club of British Columbia
  46. Los Angeles Chapter of the BMW CCA

    *CAR*@car socs

  47. AMO - American Motors Owners Association
  48. Antique Automobile Club of America
  49. Association de camion bus poids lourds de collection , Le Camion Club de France
  50. Automobil Club der Schweiz
  51. Automobile Club de Monaco
  52. Battery Council International:us
  53. Bristol University Motor Club
  54. British Bus Club Main Page
  55. CBVM - Confederação Brasileira de Vela e Motor
  56. Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
  57. Car Clubs World Wide
  58. Classic Car Club:uk
  59. Club DSM
  60. Co-operative Auto Network :nanaimo
  61. Constructors Car Club:nz
  62. Der Oesterreichische Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club
  63. FISITA - The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies
  64. Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
  65. Ford Truck Enthusiasts
  66. Galway Motor Club
  67. Green Car Congress
  68. Green Car Group
  69. Horseless Carriage Foundation, Inc. (HCFI)
  70. International Amphicar Club
  71. International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
  72. MIRA Home Page:motor industry research association
  73. Metro Employee Historic Vehicle Association:wa
  74. Motor Bus Society
  75. Oldtimerfreunde Freising e.V.:car
  76. Pantera International Car Club
  77. Professional Car Society
  78. Prowler Club of Canada
  79. RAC Foundation:automobile
  80. Reasonable Drivers Unanimous
  81. Rod's HOT ROD GARAGE
  82. Royal Automobile Club - Australia
  83. Royal Automobile Club - UK
  84. Shelby American Automobile Club
  85. Society of Automotive Analysts
  86. Society of Automotive Engineers
  87. Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America
  88. Steam Automobile Club of America
  89. Texas AutoNut Clubs and Associations
  90. The AA:automobile association (uk)
  91. The Foothills Street Rod Association
  92. Touring Club Svizzero
  93. UMass Motor Sports Club
  94. United States Council for Automotive Research
  95. VAB:be austosoc
  96. Welcome to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
  97. Welsch Association of Motor Clubs
  98. Württembergischer Automobilclub e.V.

    *CITROEN*@car socs

  99. Citroen CX Club Nederland
  100. Citroen Traction Avant Club Switzerland
  101. Citroën ID/DS Club Nederland
  102. Citroën SM Club Nederland -
  103. Svenska B11 Klubben:citroen
  104. Svenska Citroën Klubben
  105. The Traction Owner Club of Great Britain:citroen
  106. Traction Avant Danmark
  107. Traction Avant Nederland:citroen
  108. Traction Norvège

    *ELECTRIC CAR*@car socs

  109. Alamo City Electric Auto Association
  110. Austin Area Electric Auto Association
  111. Avere:ev soc
  113. Eastern Electric Vehicle Club
  114. Electric Auto Association
  115. Electric Car Society
  116. Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
  117. Minnesota Electric Auto Association
  118. National Electric Drag Racing Association
  119. New England Electric Auto Association
  120. North Texas Electric Auto Association
  121. The West Philadelphia High School Electric Vehicle Team
  122. Triangle Electric Auto Association
  123. Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
  124. Welcome to the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, DC.
  125. durham electric vehicle association

    *MAKES*@car socs

  126. Asian-Car-Club Deutschland e.V.
  127. Auto-Team-Nord-West
  128. Cadillac Club of Finland
  129. Club Bugatti France
  130. Emmanuele Spera Porsche Sport Car Fan Club
  131. Ford Galaxie Club of America
  132. Lamborghini Club Los Angeles
  133. MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club
  134. Mazda Owners Club of California
  135. MazdaSpeed Club
  136. Mercedes-Benz Club of America
  137. North Texas Corvette Club
  138. Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Club
  139. Svenska Saabklubben
  141. Toyota Supra - Club
  142. Traction Avant

    *PORSCHE*@car socs

  143. Porsche Club of America, Northeast Region
  144. Porsche Club of America
  145. Porsche Club of Victoria Australia

    *TRAIN*@car socs

  146. Cambridge University Railway Club
  147. Friends of the High Line:ny
  148. Fédération des Amis des Chemins de fer Secondaires
  149. Gainsborough Model Railway Society
  150. International Maritime Organisation
  151. Light Rail Transit Association
  152. Midwest High Speed Rail Association
  153. Nederlandse Vereniging van Belangstellenden in het Spoor- en tramwegwezen
  154. Northwest Steam Society
  155. The Indian Railways Fan Club
  156. The Monorail Society
  157. The Scottish Railway Preservation Society
  158. United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
  159. Volunteer Railroaders Association:nj

    *TRANSPORT*@car socs

  160. AAPA Seaports Magazine
  161. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  162. American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
  163. American Association of Port Authorities
  164. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  165. American Road & Transportation Builders Association
  166. Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management
  167. Baltic and Interbational Maritime Council
  168. Environmental Transport Association:uk
  169. European Federation for Transport and Environment
  170. Governors Highway Safety Association
  171. Greater Buffalo-Niagra Regional Transportation Council
  172. HyperTransport Consortium:cs
  173. ITS National Associations Working Group:intelligent transportation system
  174. Institute of Transportation Engineers Home Page:us
  175. Intelligent Transportation Society of America
  176. International Maglev Board
  177. La Societe Navale Caennaise
  178. National Transportation Safety Board Bar Association
  179. Public Transportation
  180. Residential Boat Owners Association:uk
  181. STPP Transportation Action Network
  182. Société de transport de Montréal
  183. Steam Boat Association :uk
  184. Sustrans:uk transport charity
  185. The Electric Boat Association :uk
  186. The Railroad Commission of Texas
  187. The Waterways Trust:uk
  188. Transportation Association of Canada
  189. Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  190. UK Commission for Integrated Transport
  191. Washington Traffic Safety Commission
  192. Welcome to the Transport Planning Society
  193. Welcome to the Virginia Transportation Research Council
  194. World Conference on Transport Research Society
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