3. FUZZY

    *ARTIF. INT*@artif. int.-socs

  1. Assoc for Uncertainty in AI
  2. Association for Image Processing, Poland
  3. Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
  4. Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
  5. Australian Pattern Recognition Society
  6. Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition
  7. Automated Imaging Association
  8. Classification Society of North America
  9. Cognitive Machines Group
  10. Complexity Society
  11. Cornell Computer Vision Group
  12. Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
  13. George Balanchine Foundation
  14. IDAV Visualization and Graphics Research Group
  15. Image Understanding Research Group
  16. International Association of Pattern Recognition
  17. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  18. International Society for Adaptive Behavior (ISAB)
  19. International Society for Adaptive Behavior
  20. International Society for Artificial Life
  21. Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society
  22. Meccano Erector Club Entry Page
  23. National Centre for Text Mining
  24. Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
  25. Swedish Morphological Society:systems
  26. System Dynamic:society
  27. The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation
  28. The FLorida Artificial Intelligence Research Society
  29. The UK Industrial Vision Association
  30. UCI KDD Archive:knowledge discovery in databases
  31. UCL CS Machine Learning Group
  32. UNC -CH Tracker Research Group Homepage
  33. UTCS Machine Learning Research Group
  34. User Modeling Inc:soc
  35. Visual Geometry Group
  36. Welcome to the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents

    *CYBERNETICS*@artif. int.-socs

  37. American Society for Cybernetics
  38. Cybernetics and Systems Societies
  39. Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik e.V.
  40. IAC - International Association for Cybernetics
  41. IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
  42. International Federation for Systems Research
  43. International Society for the Systems Sciences Homepage
  44. NECSI - New England Complex Systems Institute
  45. Sociocybernetics
  46. System Dynamics Society
  47. The Cybernetics Society:uk
  48. Welcome to FoLLI!:european association for logic ,language and information
  49. Èeská spoleènost pro kybernetiku a informatiku:cz

    *FUZZY*@artif. int.-socs

  50. European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology
  51. International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
  52. North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society
  53. asociacion en espanola de technicos y logica fuzzy

    *INTERNATIONAL*@artif. int.-socs

  54. American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  55. Asociación Española de Inteligencia Artificial
  56. Associação Portuguesa para a Inteligência Artificial
  57. Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  58. BCS-SGAI :ai uk
  59. Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence
  60. European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
  61. IJCAI:international joint conference on artificial intelligence
  62. Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence
  63. Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  64. Rossijskaya associaciya iskusstvennogo intellekta
  65. Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society (SLAIS)
  66. Suomen Tekoälyseura STeS:artificial intelligence
  67. Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society
  68. The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  69. american society for artificial internal organs
  70. Österreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence

    *LANGUAGE*@artif. int.-socs

  71. Applied Voice Input Ouput Society
  72. Asia-Pacific Association of Machine Translation
  73. Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing
  74. Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
  75. Cocosda:international coordinating committee on speech databases and speech i-o systems assessment
  76. Conversational Interaction and Spoken Dialogue Research Group
  77. European Assocation of Machine Translation
  78. European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies
  79. Gesellschaft fuer linguistische Datenverbeitung
  80. Grupo de Estructuras de Datos y Lingüística Computacional
  81. The Association for Natural Language Processing
  82. The Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) Group
  83. Welcome to FoLLI!:european association for logic language and information
  84. the Association for Computational Linguistics

    *NEURAL NET*@artif. int.-socs

  85. European Neural Network Society
  86. IEEE Neural Network Council Home Page
  87. International Neural Network Society
  88. Italian Neural Networks Society
  89. Related Research Groups:machine learning
  90. SNNS - The Swedish Neural Network Society
  91. The Neural Computing Research Group
  92. UCSF Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

    *ROBOTICS*@artif. int.-socs

  93. Associazione Italiana di Robotica e Automazione
  94. Atlanta Robot Club
  95. Australian Robotics and Automation Association Inc
  96. Boise Robotics Group
  97. Brisbane Robotics SIG :au
  98. British Association for Robotics and Automation
  99. Buenos Aires Robotics Society
  100. Central Illinois Robotics - CIRC
  101. Connecticut Robotics Society
  102. DPRG - Dallas Personal Robotics Group Web Page
  103. Denver Area Robotics Club
  104. East Texas Robot Builders
  105. HCC Robotica :nl
  106. HomeBrew Robotics Club:mt view cal
  107. International Federation of Robotics
  108. Laboratory Robotics Interest Group Home
  109. Las Vegas Robot Club
  110. Mobile Robotics Research Group, Edinburgh University
  111. Northeast Robotics Club
  112. Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts
  113. Oxford Mobile Robotics Group
  114. Phoenix Area Robotics eXperimenters
  115. Portland Area Robotics Society
  116. R2 Builders Club:robot
  117. ROBO-CLUB :psu
  118. RoboNz.Com
  119. Robot Builders Network
  120. Robot Club of PA
  121. Robot Club:nashua
  122. Robot Group in Austin
  123. Roboterclub Aachen e.V.
  124. Robotics Group at Columbia University
  125. Robotics Online
  126. Robotics Outreach Group
  127. Robotics Society of Southern California
  128. San Francisco Robotics Society of America
  129. Seattle Robotics Society
  130. Society for Houston Area Robotics Projects
  131. TCRG - Twin Cities Robotics Group Home Page
  132. Triangle Amateur Robotics:ncsu
  133. Vancouver Island Robotics Group
  134. Vancouver Robotics Club
  135. Welcome to the Mid US Robotics Club Website
  136. Western Canadian Robotics Society
  137. Western Canadian Robotics Society
  138. Winnipeg Area Robotics Society
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