5. CROPS
  6. FFA
  11. SOIL
  14. UK
  15. US




  2. 4-H Youth Development Organization
  3. Agri-Food Research Network
  4. American Farmland Trust
  5. American Society of Agronomy Home
  6. Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources Homepage:us
  7. Bord Bia - Irish Food Board
  8. Burlington Cooperative Association:ok
  9. Canadian Farm Safety Association
  10. Commission for Rural Communities:uk
  11. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
  12. European Society for Agronomy
  13. FARMA:uk national farmers retail and markets association
  14. Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens:uk
  15. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  16. Foundation for Agronomic Research
  17. Freshfel Europe - The Forum for the Fresh Produce Industry.
  18. Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative
  19. ISAAA Web:international service for the acquisition of agri-biotech application
  20. Industry Council for Development :food safety
  21. International Fund for Agricultural Development
  22. La Coop fédérée
  23. Maendeleo Agricultural Technology Fund :africa
  24. Marine Management Organisation:uk
  25. National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
  26. National Association of Agriculture Educators
  27. National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
  28. National Meat Association:us
  29. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  30. New Jersey Pest Control Association
  31. North Carolina State Grange:rural living
  32. Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council
  33. Organics Recycling:composting
  34. Society for Range Management
  35. Sustainable Rangeland Roundtable
  36. The California Rangeland Trust
  37. The Composting Council of Canada
  38. The Humane Farming Association (HFA)
  39. The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project
  40. UK Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition
  41. Vrienden van het Platteland
  42. Washington Association for Food Protection
  43. Washington State Farmers Market Association Home Page
  44. Washington State Grange:soc


  45. Aquacultural Engineering Society
  46. Aquaculture Certification Council
  47. Aquaculturewithoutfrontiers:soc
  48. Aquatic Plant Management Society
  49. Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
  50. Asian Fisheries Society
  51. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
  52. Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
  53. Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission
  54. European Aquaculture Society
  55. European Aquaculture Society
  56. Fisheries Society Home Page:uk
  57. Fishmeal Information Network
  58. Freshwater Fishing and Stocking Association of Queensland
  59. Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation
  60. Global Aquaculture Alliance
  61. Great Lakes Fishery Commission
  62. Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
  63. International Association for Sustainable Seafood
  64. International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation
  65. International Whaling Commission
  66. Japan Whaling Assoc.
  67. Marine Stewardship Council
  68. NAFAC fisheries in the UK
  69. National Fisheries Institute - Your Source of Fish and Seafood Information
  70. North American Native Fishes Association
  71. North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
  72. North West Indians Fisheries Commission
  73. North Western:wales fisheries commission
  74. Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
  75. Pacific Fishery Management Council
  76. Seafish
  77. Southeastern Fisheries Association, Inc.
  78. Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society
  79. Southern Sea Fisheries District Committee
  80. Sussex Sea Fisheries District Committee
  81. Sustainable Fisheries Foundation
  83. The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers
  84. The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
  85. The Seawater Foundation
  86. United States Freshwater Prawn and Shrimp Growers Association
  87. Velkommen til NFF:norwegian fish soc
  88. World Aquaculture Society Welcome Page
  89. american institute of fisheries research biologists


  90. Agriculture in the Classroom:ca
  91. Alabama Agriculture in the Classroom
  92. California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
  93. Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
  94. NH Ag in the Classroom
  95. New York Agriculture in the Classroom
  96. Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
  97. Space Agriculture In The Classroom
  98. Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom
  99. Washington Agriculture in the Classroom


  100. CROPS : TITLE


  101. Future Farmers of America
  102. Indiana FFA Organization
  103. Ohio FFA
  104. Oregon -- Clay FFA
  105. Texas FFA Homepage
  106. Wyoming FFA


  107. American Tilapia Association
  108. Association of Salmon Fishery Boards
  109. National Shellfisheries Association
  110. Noonsack Salmon Enhancement Association
  111. Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers
  112. Pacific Salmon Commission Home Page
  113. The Salmon & Trout Association:uk
  114. The ShellFish Association of Great Britain
  115. Welcome to the US Trout Farmers Association


  116. Académie d'Agriculture de la France
  117. Accademia dei Georgofili:it
  118. Accademia di Agricoltura di Torino
  119. Agricultural academic society (in Japanese)
  120. Asociación Rural del Uruguay
  121. Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology
  122. BC Agriculture Council
  123. CIGR - International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR)- Official Site
  124. Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  125. Confederation Paysanne:fr
  126. Conseil Europeen des Jeunes Agriculteurs
  127. Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
  128. Copa-Cogeca :eu farmers
  129. Dansk Skovforening
  130. European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China
  131. European Council of Young Farmers
  132. European Tropical Forest Research Network
  133. Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles
  134. Growcom :queensland soc
  135. Indian Council of Agricuiltural Research
  136. International Dairy Foods Association
  137. Jeunes Agriculteurs
  138. Kainet:kenay agricultural information network
  139. Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland
  140. Landwirtschaftskammer Weser Ems
  141. Le groupe Chambres d'agriculture
  143. NSW Farmers Association
  144. National Farmers Federation:au
  145. Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association
  146. Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
  147. Sociedad Rural Argentina:agriculture
  148. Sociedade Nacional de Agricultura
  150. The Danish Association of Family Farms
  151. The Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand
  152. The Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions


  153. American Water Resources Association
  154. Association Française pour l'Etude des Irrigations et du Drainage
  155. Irrigation Association
  156. Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association


  157. Association Kokopelli Organic Seeds
  158. Bio Suisse:organic farm soc
  159. Biological Farmers of Australia
  160. Brisbane Organic Growers Inc
  161. California Certified Organic Farmers
  162. Canadian Organic Growers - The National Information Network for Organic Farmers
  163. Canadian Organic Growers
  164. Canberra (Australia) Organic Growers Society Home Page
  165. Certified Organic Association of BC
  166. Ecological Farming Association
  167. Fédération Nationale d'Agriculture Biologique des régions de France
  168. IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  169. International Task Force for Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture
  170. Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
  171. Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
  172. Oregon Tilth
  173. Organic Consumers Association
  174. Organic Farming Research Foundation
  175. Organic Federation of Australia
  176. Organic Growers Alliance:uk
  177. Pennsylvania Certified Organic
  178. Permaculture Association:uk
  179. Schweiz. Gesell. biologischer Landbau
  180. Seattle Tilth Association:organic
  181. Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau
  182. Syndicat National des Professionnels au service de l'aval de la filičre Agriculture Biologique
  183. The German Permaculture Association
  184. Virginia Association of Biological Farmers
  185. Welcome to The Organic Materials Review Institute


  186. African Conservation Tillage Network
  187. Asociación Argentina de la Ciencia del Suelo
  188. Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Argiles:clay
  189. Association for the Environmental Health of Soils
  190. British Soil Science Society
  191. Bundesverband Boden
  192. Canadian Society of Soil Science
  193. Ceska pedologicka spolecnost
  194. Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft
  195. Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  196. International Erosion Control Association
  197. International Humic Substances Society
  198. International Symposium on Conservation Tillage
  199. International Union of Soil Sciences
  200. Malaysian Society of Soil Science
  201. No-Till On The Plains
  202. Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
  203. Pennsylvania Association of Professional Soil Scientists
  204. Professional Soil Scientists of California
  205. SAGTA - The Soil and Groundwater Technology Association
  206. Sociedad Venezolana de la Ciencia del Suelo
  207. Sociedade Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo
  208. Society of Soil Scientists of Southern New England
  209. Soil & Water Conservation Society:halifax ca
  210. Soil Association
  211. Soil Science Society of America
  212. Soil Science Society of Ireland
  213. Soil Science Society of North Carolina
  214. Soil Water Conservation Society
  215. South Africa Soil Science Society
  216. Suomen Maaperätieteiden Seura ry:fi soil science soc
  217. The Soil Ecology Society
  218. Welcome to The Soil Association
  219. Welkom bij de Nederlandse Bodemkundige Vereniging
  220. Österreichische Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft


  221. A Permacultura no Brasil
  222. Biological Farmers Of Australia
  223. Eco-Farm :soc
  224. FARRE : Forum de l'Agriculture Raisonnée Respectueuse de l'Environnement
  225. Green_Lands_Blue_Waters:agri
  226. National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia
  227. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition :us
  228. Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
  229. Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
  230. Phoenix Permaculture Guild
  231. Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming
  232. Sustainable Agriculture Education Association
  233. Sustainable Farming Association
  234. Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
  235. The Bulmer Foundation:sustainable land management
  236. The Permaculture Association
  237. Welcome to Sustainable Harvest International:soc
  238. national farmers union:us


  239. Georgia Turfgrass Foundation Trust
  240. National Turfgrass Evaluation Program
  241. New Jersey Turfgrass Association
  242. New York State Turfgrass Association
  243. SportsTurf Managers Association
  244. The Texas Turfgrass Association
  245. Welcome to The Turfgrass Producers International Web Site


  247. English Farming and Food Partnership
  248. Machinery Ring Association of England and Wales:agriculture
  249. National Association of Agricultural Contractors
  250. Regional Food Group Alliance:uk
  251. Royal Agrucultural Society England
  252. Royal Cornwall Show :soc
  253. Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society
  254. Tenant Farmers Association:uk
  255. The Royal Agricultural Society of England
  256. The Royal Bath and West of England Society
  257. The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
  258. Yorkshire Agricultural Society


  259. American Farm Bureau Federation
  260. California Farm Bureau Federation
  261. Farm Foundation Home Page:us
  262. Initiative for the Future of Rural Oklahoma
  263. MN Food Association
  264. National Farmers Organization
  265. National Young Farmer Educational Association
  266. Vermont Land Trust
  267. Virginia Tobacco Indemnification And Community Revitalization Commission
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