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    *ARCHITECTURE*@architecture 2ls

  1. 24gotham :ny
  2. A search engine about the conservation of cultural heritage, restoration and maintenance of the architecture
  3. Architectural Association Independent Radio
  4. Architectural Drawings of Willis and Lillian Leenhouts
  5. Architectural Ornamentation From Around the World
  6. Architecture Ivar Hagendoorn
  7. Architecture Radio
  8. Architecture, Interiors, Urban Space, Landscape Photography Arcblue
  9. ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings
  10. Architektur Lexikon - Begriffe Stilkunde Baustilkunde
  11. Architizer
  12. Best Architecture Videos
  13. Caldwell Lighting:on ny
  14. Cities and Buildings Database
  15. Create floor plans
  16. Desert Domes - Frequently Asked Questions
  17. Digital Archive of European Architecture
  18. Find Records:architecture archives
  19. Fotogalerie Industriegeschichte und Kulturlandschaft von Christian Brünig
  20. Friends of Terra Cotta:in architecture
  21. Glossary of Architectural Terms
  22. Gothic Field Guide to Architectural Terms
  23. Guiding Architects:net
  24. Illustrated Architecture Dictionary
  25. Illustrated architecture dictionary
  26. JAANUS, Terminology of Japanese Architecture & Art History
  27. LBL Radiance homepage
  28. MIT: Rotch Visual Collections:of visual architecture
  29. Merimee
  30. Michigan Tech IA Image Archive :industrial archeology
  31. RIBApedia:architectur
  32. Structural Images of the North East:uk
  33. THE CONSERVATION GLOSSARY :of the built environment
  34. Taj Mahal online virtual tour
  35. A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments
  36. The Dome Calculator:geodesic
  37. The Urban Landscape - UE Photography:ottawa
  38. Urban Photography Commandos:cal
  39. Visions from the Underworld - A photographic journey into Sydney's forbidden confined spaces.
  41. galinsky:building db

    *DESIGN*@architecture 2ls

  42. Architectural Home Design, 3D models, Quality Textures. Online Interior Design
  43. Architecture Design Architectural Images History Models and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings
  44. Resources for Environmental Design Index (REDI)
  45. SolArch Solar Architecture Design Software - Shareware Tool by Kahl Consultants
  46. the Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway:search

    *HISTORY*@architecture 2ls

  47. Acropolis 360
  48. Architecture Design Images History 3D Models and more - Artifice Great Buildings Online!
  49. Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture from classical Greek to Post-modern
  50. English Heritage Images of England: a searchable photographic archive of the historic buildings of England
  51. Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER), National Park Service
  52. Illustrated Glossary of Classical Architecture
  53. Real Virtual :ancient architecture
  54. World Architectural History Survey Examples

    *IMAGE*@architecture 2ls

  55. ARCHIVISION: a visual arts image bank
  56. AcIS Imaging:architecture images
  57. Ana Luzia Raposo's Photo Galleries at
  58. Andrew Dickson White Collection of Architectural Photographs
  59. Brian Rose - architectural photography
  60. Cities/Buildings Image Archive
  61. Cornershots:nyc urban imagery
  62. Esto Photographics: images of architecture and design
  63. Esto:architecture photo
  64. Figure/Ground:Architecture+Travel Photography by Liao Yusheng
  65. L.A. Obscura, The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman
  67. Rien van Rijthoven Architecture Photography
  68. SPIRO, Architecture Visual Resources Library Image Database
  70. roland halbe - architekturfotografie - architectural photography

    *INTERNATIONAL*@architecture 2ls

  71. Architecture of the Pacific Northwest Database
  72. Asian Historical Architecture, a Photographic Survey
  73. Belgische architectuur:photo
  74. Bildarchiv zur Kunst und Architektur in Deutschland
  75. Chicago Imagebase:of chicago built environment
  76. Frances Benjamin Johnston Photograph Collection:us architecture
  77. Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:photos of us archictecture
  78. HABS/HAER Database
  79. ICONDA - The International Construction Database. Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum Raum und Bau IRB
  80. Images of England
  81. Irish Architectural Archive
  82. Los Angeles architecture photo gallery - Buildings + more
  83. MUVA museo virtuale online - mostre di architettura moderna e contemporanea
  84. Northwest Architectural Archives
  85. Structurae International Database and Gallery of Structures
  86. WikiArquitectura - Buildings of the World
  87. World Architecture Map

    *PLANNING*@architecture 2ls

  88. Animation und VRML Modell einer Stadtplanung in Celle
  89. City Creator
  90. European Spatial Planning Resource and Information Database
  91. International Urban Glow
  92. Planning Applications Index & Glossary:uk
  93. Planning Architecture and Design Database Ireland
  94. Transition Towns WIKI
  95. Urban Plan Collections, Documentation en aménagement:ca
  96. Define Your World

    *UTILITY BUILDINGS*@architecture 2ls

  97. A Dictionary of Military Architecture.
  98. Ancient Theatres/ Greek and Roman Theatre Architecture:vr
  99. CARTHALIA - Theatres on Postcards
  100. Church Plans On Line:uk
  101. Database of N. European mills
  102. Emporis Buildings - Free Database about buildings and the real-estate industry
  103. Encyclopedia of Housing Construction Types in Seismically-Prone Areas
  104. Fortress Photo Gallery
  105. Glossary of Castle Terms
  106. Lighthouse Depot
  107. Lighthouse Postcards Main Page
  108. Major League Stadiums
  109. Malls of America - Vintage photos of lost Shopping Malls of the '50s, '60s & '70s
  110. Minor League Ballpark Photos
  111. Skyscraper Picture Collection
  112. Stationsweb - 9688 foto's van 1369 oude en nieuwe stations en stationsgebouwen.
  113. The Virtual Study Tour:of important buildings
  114. Visite virtuelle Photos 3D musique:cathedrale
  115. Windmill Pictures
  116. uZines- Photographies de friches industrielles
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